Tear Jerker: The Croods

Seeing that this is directed by Chris Sanders there is bound to be some.
  • When the Croods break the first shell-horn Guy gives to Eep. It's passed over pretty quickly, but there's a noticeable break in Eep's voice when she yells, "It was beautiful!"
  • Guy's story to the family. Once upon a time, there was a girl who kept getting too close to the edge of a cliff. Her parents warned her it was dangerous, but she wanted to follow the sun. One day she got too close to the edge of the cliff, fell off...and FLEW.
  • The reveal that Guy's family died in a tar pit incident when he was a child.
    • Taken a little bit further when you realize that Guy has been counting himself as the lucky survivor from that incident, and taking every opportunity to live life to the full...only to seemingly end up stuck in the same ending he thought he had avoided. When that thought hits him, he seems to completely give up, as if he's submitting to fate. As he says to Grug, "There's no getting out of this."
  • The bit when Grug paints his family on the cave walls, all alone. It's equal parts heartwarming but enough to make one's eyes water.
    • Grug in general. He seems to be Adult Fear Incarnate. It's mostly played for laughs, yet his desperate need to protect those he loves is palpable and sometimes uncomfortable to watch.
  • Grug and Eep's hug before he throws her to safety and leaves himself trapped.
    • Grug gets to say that he loves her...but he throws Eep before she can say it back. When she lands on the other side, she can't let go of the idea that she never told her father she loved him.
  • When Eep and Guy first meet: Eep follows the light of his torch out of her cave, and eventually catches up to him. She has never seen fire before, and keeps trying to touch it and explore it, and ends up almost putting it out. Guy tries to get her to stop, but she is way too strong for him. When she has almost put it out, he desperately BEGS her to stop, crying "I don't like the dark!" Also part heartwarming, in that their desire for light is the thing that draws them to each other.
  • The Croods get split up in a rock-maze on their way to the mountain. For the first time, Thunk is left on his own. Guy and Grug shout conflicting advice to him about what to do. For the first time in the movie, Thunk looks VERY nine years old, and VERY scared. Think of a small child getting lost in the grocery store, and multiply that by several degrees of DEATH.
    • He makes it out just fine, and finds a new pet. But Grug stays stuck in that maze for a long time. He's the only one who has to use the shell-horn to call for help... and no one comes to help him.
      • Actually, his wife does go back to get him, but soon after they have a fight, culminating in him staying on the ground and subsequently is the only one who misses out on the sight of the starry night sky.
    • Thunk is arguably the emotionally weakest of the Croods, and whenever he shows any vulnerability, it's funny but also heart-wrenching. When Grug is the only one that doesn't jump over the chasm on the last part of their trek, Thunk cries the most and is close to collapsing and giving up.
    Thunk: You're not coming....are you?
  • When Grug and Guy are trapped in the tar pit together and Grug comes to the realization that he's been so busy trying to keep his family alive he never really let his daughter know how much he cares about her, it's a stark realization that many a father can sympathize with
  • Grug's cave painting after being seperated from the rest of the family at the chasm. Both this and a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, and without a word spoken.
  • Eep finally blows up at her Dad for his way of keeping them alive.
    Eep: That. Wasn't. Living! That was just...not...dying! There's a difference!
  • ANY time Grug seems to feel his inadequacies. He does his best, but his stubborn nature and temper only irritate his daughter. When Eep makes a careless comment about them never having had enough for food leftovers, Grug is visible ashamed.