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Series: Barnaby Jones
Barnaby Jones is an American detective series produced by QM Productions for CBS that ran from 1973 to 1980, starring Buddy Ebsen as the title character and Lee Meriwether as his daughter-in-law/secretary Betty. It was the second-longest running of all Quinn Martin series (with only The FBI lasting longer).

Barnaby Jones, when the series starts, has retired from being a private detective and turned over the business to his son Hal. When Hal is killed while on a case, fellow PI Frank Cannon offers to investigate the crime but Barnaby insists on looking into it himself. He not only finds the killer but also finds what's been missing from his life since retirement, and returns to active duty as a private eye.

In season five, Mark Shera joined the cast as J.R., the son of Barnaby's murdered cousin. Unlike Barnaby, he was more interested in being a lawyer than a detective.

With guest tropes in alphabetical order:

  • Artistic Title: The opening titles were animated and based around a motif of rectangles suggesting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle being put together.
  • Bowdlerise: In season one's "The Murdering Class," the murderer announces his intention to frame a teacher for his crime by dubbing him "the n——r in the woodpile." This no longer being 1973, that word gets bleeped out on the DVD set.
  • Cool Old Guy: Barnaby Jones.
  • The Exotic Detective: Okay, "he's really old" isn't the most exotic angle ever, but it's still an angle.
  • Shared Universe: The pilot establishes one with Cannon. The two shows later had a two-part crossover called "The Deadly Conspiracy" which began on Cannon and finished on Barnaby Jones).
  • Vacation Episode: "Nightmare in Hawaii" in the final season.

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