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Self Demonstrating: Johnny Bravo
Itís me! Johnny Hr! Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo's finally got his own TV Tropes page! All those who would like to speak with or about Johnny Bravo must now refer to Johnny Bravo in the third person.

So yeah, this page is all mine, all Johnny Bravo's. Lemme tell you a little about myself. I'm a highly sophisticated kinda guy who enjoys a little alone time with his millions of screaming lady fans. But enough about me, let's hear a little more about me.

Johnny Bravo's gonna cut things a little short, but remember, this is Johnny Bravo's page. Not that dweeb Carl's or that annoying little neighbor girl's or even my loving mama's, who Johnny Bravo no longer lives with by the way. This is all about Johnny Bravo.note 

Johnny Bravo provides examples of the following personality traits:

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