Awesome / Johnny Bravo

  • One of the IDs of the show. It opens with Johnny trying a pickup line with an unseen woman. The woman's response? A barrage of slaps to the face! It may look like the typical Disproportionate Retribution that tends to happen to Johnny but here is the impressive part. The slaps were delivered as Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, which resulted in Johnny's face getting slapped back and forth twelve times in three seconds. The audience may not know who that woman is or how she looks but we do see that she has some fast crazy hands that are capable of slapping your face four times in one second!
    • Bonus point for actually knocking Johnny to the ground and leaving him with a face covered in bandages.
      • The best part comes from Johnny. You'd think that he'll learn his lesson bu he's actually more excited to woo the woman after her hands mercilessly slaps him senseless. This guy sure is a Determinator.
  • Occurs in the short-lived spin-off series JBVO. Long story short, Johnny does a recap of an entire episode of Dragon Ball Z... in fast forward.
  • Johnny getting the last laugh on "The Sensitive Male" by telling Sheldon's three girlfriends how he has been cheating on them with each other. They beat Sheldon up, put him in a Tribal Carry, and take him away.
  • Johnny beating up the Monster Clown in "The Man Who Cried Clown", even if it did bite him in the ass.
  • Johnny beating up a kangaroo poacher.
  • In the pilot, Johnny manages to not only survive, but utterly defeat an alligator at the zoo. This way before his flanderization set in.
    Johnny: Get off of me, you son of a handbag!
  • Johnny filling in for Santa and delivering Presents on Christmas. What makes it awesome is that unlike you'd expect it to go, he does it almost (He accidentally switched the presents meant for the Mayor's Wife [A big honking diamond ring] and Johnny's Mama [Bunny Pajamas) perfectly.
  • The season Two episode "Aunt Katie's Farm" has Johnny and Carl filling on a TV show where Johnny suffers the usual Disproportionate Retribution due to hitting on the female host. After going through so many indignities that he's literally begging to be spared Carl hits the Last Straw with his latest humiliation, causing Johnny to hit his Rage Breaking Point and going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. After getting even with Carl the female host threatens to call security only for Johnny, for perhaps the only time, to fight back against the normal Disproportionate Retribution he goes through and get even with her as well.