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Roleplay: Sorting Hat
This is what insanity looks like.

...Alright, here goes.

Sorting Hat is a pan-fandom Extranormal High School A.U. Journal Roleplay community set in Hogwarts, during the years of Voldemort and the Death Eaters' rise to power. Each member applies as a character from any fictional medium and plays him or her as a student or teacher in Hogwarts, as the game focuses on the cast's day-to-day life in the school. Every two weeks, a random event will happen and cause either hilarity or bring out the trauma and angst that almost every student secretly has.

Started in 2005, it's probably one of the oldest games on DW at this point. Found here.

This roleplay provides examples of:

SomariumJournal RoleplayThe Spectacular Gargoyles
Songs To Wear Pants ToOther
Sonic Spindash RPPlay-by-Post GamesSporum Dimensional Clash

alternative title(s): Sorting Hat
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