Role Play / WAOA High School AU

Who Knows What Could Happen Next?! ...Well, nearly anything, really.
- The Current Unoffical Slogan for WAOA - High-School: Alternate Universe.

We Are Our Avatars, High School AU (full title ITT: We Are Our Avatars - High School: Alternate Universe) is a Play By Post Forum Game on the TV Tropes Forum and a spin-off of the original We Are Our Avatars

Originally made because of several players interest from the original WAOA, a second topic was created. At the moment, it's still relatively new with nearly 11,000 posts but is steadily growing in size. At the moment, there's been no real 'arcs' or any real plot to follow so players can usually leap right in, provided they read the rules and at least introduce themselves.

Obviously, this page is in dire need of Wiki Magic and help in order to grow. Character Sheet is up, but Crowning Moments of Funny, Heartwarming and Awesome have also been added, as well as YMMV.

Oh. And the obvious Tearjerker page too. Still needs a lot of work though.

    Current List of Faculty 
  • Joshua Luminate: Principal
  • Sugar: Secretary to Principal
  • Shepard : Vice Principle
  • Sho: Advanced Mathematics
  • Night of Wallachia: Drama
  • Terry Bogard: English
  • Glados : General Science
  • George: Health
  • Aeon: History
  • Mordecai: History
  • Miwa : Innate abilities (Specialized training)
  • E.V.A. : Information Technology
  • Daft Punk: Music
  • Hawke : Physics and Selfdefence.
  • Kane : Politics.
  • The Doctor (5th Incarnation): Temporal Mechanics
  • Oman and Felisita: Student Counseling
  • Zaeed Massani : Security, Detention Overseer
  • Saul Tigh: Security, Detention overseer.
  • Renegade!Wrex : Janitor

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