Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 093 Renaissance Of The Daleks

Beware! The Dalek Invasion of Earth! Here they come! Get yours today! Wait, what?

The Doctor is just visiting a hotel, he doesn't know what year it is, he doesn't know where he is. As he's going down in the elevator, he gets recognized by a General. This General apparently knows a lot about the Doctor. His name, the fact he's a time traveller and the fact he's travelling with Nyssa...

The Doctor tries to talk his way out of it, but he's feeling woozy; what was in that drink anyway? When he gets to he's captured. Again. The General, Tillington, has him released from his cuffs immediately. Turns out he's not that bad. He shows the Doctor around Global Warning, which is a global organization preparing for an Alien Invasion, using Time Travel based messages of... The Daleks. Wait, what's the year again? 2158? That's one year after Oh Crap, Oh Crap!

The General wants the Doctor on his side, but realizes that the Doctor may want to Set Right What Once Went Wrong (or Make Wrong What Once Went Right), seeing as the Doctor thinks of Better the Devil You Know, seeing as he knows the Dalek Invasion of Earth (No seriously, take a shot every time this is mentioned exactly the way it's phrased. You'll be sloshed by the end of it.) will end up with the Daleks defeated. In the meantime in the past Nyssa is testing out a new gadget she's created that can communicate across time. Convenient. She stumbles upon a knight, Sir Mulberry, who thinks she's a witch. In fact he'll be saying everything is witchcraft during this adventure. They manage to stumble off a cliff and through a Portal to the Future.

The Doctor, not wanting anything to do with erroneous timelines, makes a run for it. He stumbles upon Wilton, who's the cousin to General Tillington (Would that make him Wilton Tillington? Rubbish name.) and they go on the lam. Quickly they find the TARDIS where the Doctor left it. Wilton, despite the Doctor's protest, hitches a ride along with the Doctor. But he brought some toys. Of Daleks. Why? Nyssa and Sir Mulberry end up in yet another war. This time, The American Civil War where they meet Floyd who fights for the confederacy. Willingly. They're on the hill at Petersburg. Didn't that get blown up? The Doctor, with Floyd, travels back into the past and ends up in Petersburg, just in time!

It's the wrong Petersburg, in another state. The Doctor turns off the the Time Track Crossing Protection Protocol which stops the TARDIS from crossing its own timeline, and still manages to pick up Nyssa, Sir Mulberry and Floyd before the explosion hits.

—the whispers—

The Doctor realizes that the TARDIS is now in a set path straight for a fixed destination, because he he turned off the Time Track Crossing Protection Protocol. The TARDIS stops in The Vietnam War and they manage to pick up a military officer by the name of Alice. While the TARDIS slowly trucks along towards its destination, the three new passengers spend some time in the new Zero Room to heal their injuries and revitalize themselves. And they start talking about the whispers.

the whispers—-

The TARDIS' passengers, no wait, not the humans, the Daleks!... Well, to be honest, the... er, toy Daleks start running away from the Doctor, Wilton and Nyssa, until the Doctor realizes there is one in the console room. This one was purposefully leading them away from the console room! Luckily, they try to take over the console but fail miserably.


The TARDIS materializes in a barren world completely unlike Earth. Ever so bright, with a hundred suns. The Doctor heads out with Wilton and Nyssa, while the toy Daleks are inside with Alice, Floyd and Sir Mulberry. And they've upgraded their inoperative laser guns into actual Death Rays. As the away team comes back, the toy Daleks have taken over the TARDIS. And they soon get backup from actual Daleks.

The (full sized) Daleks escort the three away from the TARDIS, using the others as hostages, towards some massive structures. As they get closer, Wilton realizes what they are. Thousands, no, millions... Millions upon millions of Daleks stacked on top of each other. Fused to each other. Nyssa is afraid that they function together as a supercomputer, like on Logopolis. The Doctor encourages Wilton to sing "Three blind mice" with him. Luckily, the Double Meaning of the lyrics get through to the people in the TARDIS, and they set up a plan. Ah yes, the device Nyssa was working on! They manage to patch through with Tillington, who wants to see the Doctor! They get a feed on the Doctor's current events, though...

The Doctor and friends are welcomed by a being which names itself the Greylish. The Greylish proclaims itself the proprietor of the Pan-Temporal Ambience, which functions as a crossroads for all timelines crossing each other, a place where all time has happened, and will happen still. And he knows fully well who the Doctor is.

The Daleks have set up shop in this Pocket Dimension, and the Greylish tolerates them, for he is Truly Neutral and only cares for non-interference. He allows the Daleks to do what they do because in theory the Doctor has already interfered with their timeline once, which the Doctor admits is Metaphorically True.


Then it hits the Doctor. The Daleks have doublebacked on themselves, and instead of invading 2157, they're going to invade 2158, warping the timeline into the current one. And they're broadcasting. All the time broadcasting subliminally. This is why the Daleks have toys, TV programmes, and this is why Alice, Floyd and Mulberry have been hearing whispers! They're all subliminal messages, and they're planning to unleash a batch of Nanomachines all over the various timelines, ensuring a bloodless victory where the Daleks only need to show up and they'll be practically welcomed to invade. All they need is a Time Machine. Ah yes, well unfortunately there's only one of those here, isn't there?

As the Doctor is forced to take crates of Nano-Tech aboard the TARDIS he's sussed out the plan. The Daleks need him to take the Nano-Tech to Earth? Yes. Otherwise, will the Daleks exterminate all of the Doctor's companions? Yes. So the Doctor has no choice but to take the crates into the TARDIS and then... And then what? Do nothing?

The Doctor's choice of doing nothing technically would save the Earth, but that's one hell of a slow path waiting forever. So the Doctor radios, for lack of better term, General Tillington and orders him to fire everything he's got at the TARDIS. The general appreciates the Doctor's Heroic Sacrifice, not knowing the TARDIS is almost indestructible.

As lasers go pew, the TARDIS's HADS activates and it backs up and flies back to the Daleks. The Doctor tries to open the TARDIS doors and eject the Nano-Tech. But they're stuck in that damn time corridor again, and everybody's hanging on for dear life.

Except Mulberry. He asks Nyssa if the crates are what causes everything, and if they were gone it would save the day. When Nyssa confirms, he pushes them outside of the TARDIS and ends up dissolving in the Time Vortex himself.

The TARDIS lands in the Pan-Temporal Ambience, and the Doctor establishes contact with the Greylish. He asks it one question.
The Doctor: "Do you remember a time before the Daleks?"

The Greylish realizes what he is. A being created by the Daleks as a focal point to create the Ambience and keep it in place. Unwilling to live this life, it too blinks itself out of existence. The Daleks scarper and panic, but they have nowhere to go. They fade, as the dimension falls apart around them. In an instant, an entire Alternate Timeline vanishes, gone. Wilton, Tillington, like they have not existed.

The Daleks have been vanquished. The day is saved. The Doctor wonders though why every time he defeats the Daleks it costs so much innocence.

Well, he can't focus on that too much. He's still got some passengers to take home.