Radar / Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
  • After you beat Muggshot, Sly calls him a "canine steroid case."
  • Check the top corner of the newspaper after you defeat the Panda King. It reads "Dude, that's kickass!"
  • A description of an enemy called General Tsao (not to be confused with the villain of the Chinese level in the third game) in the Kunlun Mountains level of the first game reads "Has hairy palms."

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
  • When Dr. M asks his subordinate Richard in the beginning of the game how his wife and child are, Richard happily answers they are well. Dr. M then proceeds to tell him that he won't be seeing them again, as he has poisoned his drink, simply because he didn't change the security code from "123" after installing a new system. We then get to see the poor guy die a slow death. The kicker? After that, Dr. M gets the call that water is leaking into his lab. He tells them that he'll be right there, and to bring a janitor up to the elevator because "Richard's gotten sloppy". Sly, who's on top of the elevator, hears the whole thing and doesn't even blink an eye. Yep, that's within the first 10 minutes of a kid game.
  • Black Spot Pete calls Sly a "skinny, malodorous, hairy palmed bottom feeder"!
  • When Carmelita busts Muggshot, his last dialogue is "Mother...forgive me... I didn't know they was yours." Yeeeah.
  • Another one from Sly 3:
    Sly: Hope that manhole works both ways!
    • And another from Sly 3:
    Sly: I just love pipes... is that okay?
  • You go looking for Murray in Italy, starting with the local police HQ. Sly sneaks in and makes it to the jail cells, running into Dimitri...who then says that Sly must have some serious "fuzzy dice" trying to break into a prison. Think about that for a moment.
  • Also worth mentioning is the Giant Carmelita fight in the Australia level. You probably thought, oh we just got to shoot the evil mask off of her, right? Nope, you have to climb up her clothes to whack it off. This, of course, leads to Sly getting very close to some seriously huge tracts of land.
  • When Sly pretends to pass himself off as General Tsao, who's trying to forcefully marry someone, a jealous Carmelita says that she'll give Sly a shotgun wedding he'll never forget.
  • Is it me, or does LeFwee's comment about his "broadside" aiming towards Penelope’s "sailboat" sound suggestive?

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
  • In the final operation, you have to distract guards as Carmelita by belly-dancing for them; Sly makes several pervy comments on this. The kicker? You have to shake the contoller/the Vita to shake her ass. Before that, Murray really wanted to wear the outfit instead.
    • Hell, the first level with the Geishas; just to let you know, in ancient Japan, Geisha were prostitutes!!!!
      • Actually, they weren't. They were entertainers who trained in singing, songs, and dances and performed for guests along with basically flirting with guests to make them feel special while also serving them food and drinks (plus Geisha literally means "art doer"). Prostitutes (Oiran in Japanese Language) were characterized by bright clothing, multiple layers of Kimono, and a bow in the front for easy access.
      • Plus, when Murray's in disguise as a geisha, El Jefe grabs his ass with a lecherous look on his face.
      • Also, according to the story, El Jefe knew about the Cooper Gang's plan of ruining his operation and when he saw Murray in the Geisha outfit he did not flip out or anything. That means he knew that Madame Geisha's imposter was Murray the entire time, but didn't mind. (Think of that what you will.)
      • Madame Geisha's real name? Miso Horny. She's a rhino, but we all know that's just for plausible deniability.
      • Also one of the flashing billboard signs has a fox that give a pretty big focus on her bust.
  • Also, in a game where defeated enemies usually disappear in a puff of smoke, it's a little shocking to see Toothpick accidentally shoot and kill one of his guards. They probably only got away with it because we don't see the actual bullet wound or any blood.
  • While escaping from a Wild West Prison, Toothpick threatens to cut off Sly's thumbs... and his pinky. This would have been perfectly innocent if it had been written in the plural form...
  • Related to the finale of the Arabian level, where Le Paradox takes Carmelita hostage. At one point, when threatening to throw Carmelita off the blimp if Sly tries anything funny, he runs his hands greedily along her body, then pushes her over when she chews him out. The last we see of her is being helpless and tied up at Le Paradox's mercy...and then, later, when Sly comes to rescue her, she's back in her regular clothing. What did Le Paradox DO to her...?!
  • After Carmelita defeats the Moat Monster, Galleth comes out the back end, covered in grease. I guess No Disabled Robot Releases Oil was subverted.
    • Even more so, he's still covered in the "oil" in his victory animation.
  • During one mission in Cotton Mouth Bluff, Bentley walks up to a terminal and prepares to hack it. He then says that it's time to "open up a can of hack...AAAAHHH!!!" just as a group of scorpions and spiders start ambushing him.
    • In a later mission in Arabia, Sly has to connect a device to a terminal so Bentley can remotely hack it. This time, Bentley says that it's time to "open up a can of whoop-ASCII."