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Shout Out: Sly Cooper
  • One of Sly's ancestors resembles Carmen Sandiego. Carmelita wears an outfit reminiscent of Carmen's signature attire in the unlockable Goodbye My Sweet cartoon in Sly 3.
  • In Sly 2, there is a tombstone readin "R.I.P. Rocket"
  • In Sly 3's Blood Bath Bay episode, there's a pirate who has some kind of serious problem with monkeys. In case that was too subtle, later in that same mission Sly has a battle of insults—though no swords are involved, and it doesn't have the same sense of humor as the ones it's clearly referencing.
  • In Sly 3, when Bentley uses the Grapple-cam to lure a guard: "Up your nose with a rubber hose!
  • The Mz. Ruby boss fight in the first game seems to be a Shout Out to Space Channel 5.
  • From a trailer for Thieves In Time, Bentley exclaims Holy Hand Grenade! when he discovers that the Moat Monster is a robot.
  • The first time the Cooper van disappears through time in the game's prologue is like that of Back to the Future, complete with leaving behind its license plate spinning.
  • In the first mission with Bentley in Sly 4, he breaks into a sewer to shut down a museum's security. He then mentions that he hasn't been down there since he was a teenager.
  • In Sly 4 during the side-scrolling shooter version of Bentley's hacking sequences, Bentley's avatar is a buffed-up version of himself wielding guns a la Rambo.
  • Trophy names in Sly 4 reference Final Fantasy, Capcom franchises, Pirates of the Caribbean, Uncharted, Predator, Evil Dead, Rocky, and Call of Duty.
  • Murray's training of Bob Cooper in Sly 4 pays a homage to the Rocky movies, and while you're training, Murray shouts quotes from movies like Dodgeball and Star Wars.
    Murray: Great shooting, kid, but don't get cocky!
  • At the end of Chapter 2 in Sly 4, the time-traveling van is seen tumbling through a blue time vortex, then getting struck by lightning, then tumbling faster through a fiery orange vortex — replicating the season 5-7A opening sequence of Doctor Who.
    • The music on the title screen, which also shows the van flying through the time vortex, is pretty much a Suspiciously Similar Song of the Doctor Who theme crossed with the Sly series main theme.
  • Collecting 50 Sly Masks will turn Sly's Cane into an OmniWrench.
    • Similar to above collecting 60 Sly Masks will give turn the Cane into the Amp.
  • If one were to download Bentley's Hackpack, they would notice that the outside of "Bentley's Arcade" would remind you of an arcade run by a cheerful man who's been missing for 20 years.
  • In the fourth game, one of the treasures found in the Ice Age would remind you of a certain ottsel. And another one in Medieval England resembles a tiny robot.
  • One of the shots of the Guru's training of Murray resembles Yoda and Luke Skywalker training, with the Guru riding Murray's back.
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