Quotes: The Hedonist

Someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures.
The noun definition of a hedonist, Webster's Dictionary

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you will die.

Give yourself over to absolute pleasure.
Dr. Frank N. Furter, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

We're going to die anyway, and the body is a prison, so what's the point in denying ourselves what we want?
Anonymous source, claimed to be an Ancient Greek Philosopher

With you all
I'll learn to share
My hours of leisure
Life is folly
And only pleasure counts
— "The Drinking Song", La Traviata

I apologize for nothing!
Hedonism-bot, Futurama

I have known many gods. He who denies them is as blind as he who trusts them too deeply. I seek not beyond death. It may be the blackness averred by the Nemedian skeptics, or Crom's realm of ice and cloud, or the snowy plains and vaulted halls of the Nordheimer's Valhalla. I know not, nor do I care. Let me live deep while I live; let me know the rich juices of red meat and stinging wine on my palate, the hot embrace of white arms, the mad exultation of battle when the blue blades flame and crimson, and I am content. Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion. I know this: if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me. I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and am content.

Surgery? In an opera? How wonderfully decadent! And just as I was beginning to lose interest! Jambi, the chocolate icing! (Jambi spreads chocolate icing on him) Oooh...oh, my yes.
Hedonism Bot, "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Plaything"

"You showed me we could do anything, so...I'm trying everything."
Balthazar to Castiel, Supernatural

That the pleasure arising to man
from contact with sensible objects,
is to be relinquished because accompanied by painó
such is the reasoning of fools.
The kernels of the paddy, rich with finest white grains,
What man, seeking his own true interest,
would fling them away
because of a covering of husk and dust?
While life remains, let a man live happily,
let him feed on butter though he runs in debt;
When once the body becomes ashes,
how can it ever return again?

"Drinking and lust; no man can match me in these things. I am the god of tits and wine."
— Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

Don't look at me like that. We're different, you and I. You're just some blind fool, who's always chasing butterflies. Whereas I'm the type of guy, who likes to have a beer in one hand, and a titty in the other. Thing is, boy... I can have what I seek. Had it, even. You? Your hands will always be empty.
—Thomas Hickey, Assassins Creed III

Let us drink and sport to-day,
Ours is not to-morrow.
Love with youth flies swift away -
Age is nought but sorrow.

Dance and sing -
Time's on the wing -
Life never knows the return of spring.
The life of all mortals in kissing should pass,
Fa la la la, fa la la la la la la
The life of all mortals in kissing should pass,
Lip to lip while you're young, then your lip to the glass.
—>—The Beggar's Opera

Richard: I've dedicated my life to the indulgence of the senses. A feeling of total satisfaction and pleasure is the highest form of existence. *scarfs down a butter sandwich*
Gumball: That just sounds like stuffing your face.
Richard: Yeah, but philosophically!
The Amazing World of Gumball, "The Question"