Music / Airbourne
Spent all of my life breaking all the rules,
Stepping out of line, the streets are my school,
Canít get enough of a good time,
Gonna live it up while still alive!
"Live It Up"

To put it simply, AC/DC for the following generation.

Airbourne are a hard rock band hailing from Warrnambool, Australia.

Consisting of shirt-phobic frontman Joel O'Keeffe (Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar), Harri Harrison (Rhythm Guitar/Back-Up Vocals), Justin Street (Bass guitar/backup vocals) and Ryan O'Keeffe (Drums).

The band is noted for their throwback Sex Drugs And Rock N Roll lyrics, and insane guitar riffs.


  • Ready To Rock (2004)
  • Runnin' Wild (2007)
  • No Guts. No Glory (2010)
  • Black Dog Barking (2013)
  • Breakin' Outta Hell (2016)