Quotes / No Sell

He shook it off - a fighter telling you if that was your best you're not going to be around at the end.

Vegeta: What? How could you possibly get up after a hit like that?!
Recoome: Silly Vegeta. The only thing Recoome sells... is merchandise!

The pyromancer summoned up her mightiest onslaught of fire and rage. Jace feigned interest.

"There is nothing you can do that I cannot simply deny." -Ertai, Wizard Adept

Senator Armstrong: You can't hurt me, Jack.
(Raiden takes a swing at his face, with obvious results)
Senator Armstrong: What did I just say?!

''What the hell was that?"
Broly after taking a Kamehameha at point-blank range, Dragon Ball Z - Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan

"Nice try, Corvo."
Daud (when you attempt to use Bend Time), Dishonored

Theatricality and deception are powerful agents against the un-initiated, but we are initiated, aren't we Bruce?

"Oh, you think the darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it. Molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, and by then, it was nothing to me but BLINDING! (counters and pummels Batman) The shadows betray you, because they belong to me!"

"Is that the best you can do? Because I didn't feel a thing!"
Aggregor (after receiving a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Ben), Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

"Your powers are useless on me, you silly billy."
Dr. Henry Killinger "The Venture Bros."

Cleric: Back, vile fiend! Turn Undead!
Vampire!Durkon: Turn? Ye couldnae turn a year older on yer birthday.

Broly: Come and get it! If you can't get back up, I'll destroy this entire planet!
(Kakyoin is charging up a melon shaped energy blast.)
(Kakyoin fires emeralds at Broly. Unfortunately, they don't hurt him.)
Broly: You call that an attack?
(Polnareff has an "Oh, Crap!" reaction.)
Polnareff: He-he's a demon!
Broly: Try this on for size.
(Broly tosses a green energy blast at Kakyoin, which causes him to enter the dead Yamcha pose.)

Viridi: I suppose we have no choice. This is it, my single remaining jewel.
Pit: Is that a Reset Bomb?
Viridi: Time to let nature take its course.
(The Reset Bomb hits the Aurum Brain's ship, and a forest begins to grow from the impact site)
Pit: This is out of control!
Viridi: Who's awesome now, Pyrrhon?!
(the forest is set aflame and burns away)
Aurum Pyrrhon: Hahaha! Is that really all you've got?
Viridi: How could this happen?

The Chantry's defenders stand ready in the courtyard. David knows them all: three Euthanatoi who lived here before the college was built - ancient, powerful, frail. Five Hermetic masters - die-hards who followed Lord Gilmore from the battle of Mus. Archmages all, veterans of the Ascension War. With Senex, they are the nine most powerful entities on Charon - those who were happiest living here, even after Horizon fell and life became decay. The old Ethanatoi cannot leave; the Hermetics will not abandon another home to any enemy.
Voormas pushes through their wards like cobwebs, walks through walls of force like water, brushes off death like dust.

"Save your ammunition"
Samuel Hayden (as his shields block Doomguy's gunfire, should the player try shooting him), DOOM

Huh? Are those... supposed to hurt? They... They are! Look what they're doing to... But I don't even feel them!
Supergirl while being hit by a barrage of deadly laser beams, Many Happy Returns

Superman: I dislike doing this, Spectre We're supposed to be on the same side but you've left me no Huh? You didn't even flinch!
The Spectre: Why should I when I felt nothing? To me, your angriest blows are no more than the whisper of snowflakes!

It isn't even dented! Oh shit, what are we gonna do now!?
Spike Witwicky, after failing to destroy Unicron, The Transformers: The Movie