Quotes / I'll Kill You!

"You dare bring light to my lair? You must die!"

Did you ever stop to think that eventually there's a point where your name gets mentioned for the very last time? Well, here it is. I'm going to kill you, Chell.
GLaDOS, Portal 2 (line was Dummied Out for being too intense)

"I'll kill you! I'll kill you to death!"

"Imma kill you. Then, Imma jumpstart your heart, and kill you again."
Electrocutioner, Batman: Arkham Origins

"You will die, mortal!"

"Silence! I keel you!"

"I'll kill you...I'll kill you...I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll..."
Asuka Langley Soryu, Neon Genesis Evangelion

"''I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you!
oh, I'll kill you, you go to the grave with me!''"

"I'll kill you *I'll kill you* I'LL KILL YOU!!"
Zorne Sepperin upon Turning Red in RosenkreuzStilette

"I've been waiting for this! I will destroy you!"
Pamela Arwig, Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel

Shirou: (to Archer) I'll meet you there (at Einzbern Castle). But if you so much as lay a finger on Rin, with or without Saber by my side... I will kill you!
Archer: ...Heh.
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works movie

If you fucking hurt another hair on their heads, I'll see you pay for it. Like Lung, like Valefor, and if it comes down to it, I'll come after you like I did with Butcher, and Coil- Calvert.
Skitter, Worm

"If you ever interfere again, I'll kill you."
Kron to Aladar, Dinosaur

"I'm gonna kill you, Marty! I'm gonna strangle you! Then bury you! Then dig you up and clone you! Then I'm gonna kill all your clones! Then, I'm never talking to you again!"
Alex, Madagascar

"You take their (Korra's parents) lives, and I'll take yours!"

Shenzi: He's as good as dead out there anyway. And IF he comes back, we'll kill him.
Banzai: Yeah! D'you hear that? If you ever come back, we'll kill ya!

Dragovich: You should have been my finest agent. It would all have been so much simpler.
Mason: It is simple. I'm gonna kill you!

"I can beat you. I don't need the girl. I DON'T NEED THE GIRL! I don't need the gun, John. I can beat you! I DON'T NEED NO GUN! I'M GONNA KILL YOU NOW!"

Nail: Whatever.

Martin: Before this war is over, I'm going to kill you.
Tavington: Why wait?

EMH: I'll kill you!
Nakahn: If someone's going to die today, it won't be me.
Star Trek: Voyager, "Darkling"

Dean: I'm going to kill you.
Mr Ketch: You won't. But I'd very much enjoy it if you'd try.

Lester: I'm gonna throw up.
Mr. Numbers: Nope. No you're not. If you puke in here, I'll kill you. I mean I'll actually kill you.

All right, you madmen! You want war? You want death...? Then I'll give it back to you! I'll kill you myself— I'll KILL YOU ALL! Kill!! KILL!!
Supergirl, Adventure Comics #420

"Karl zoggin' Franz, what a loser! I'm gonna kill you all ded!"
Grimgor Ironhide, Total War: Warhammer

"Get up," said a familiar voice.
Kara roused herself, looked up, saw the speaker not twelve feet away.
"They took my baby," said Satan Girl, her face belying her rage. "And now, I'm going to take your life."