Quotes: Dude, Where's My Respect?


"I've done the best I can
I want my crown."
Kevin Coyne, "I Want My Crown"

"If you're wondering why
All the love that you long for eludes you
And people are rude and cruel to you
I'll tell you why
You just haven't earned it yet, baby
You just haven't earned it, son
You just haven't earned it yet, baby
You must suffer and cry for a longer time"

“Fame you'll be famous, as famous as can be,
with everyone watching you win on TV,
Except when they don't because sometimes they won't.”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!

What's it like to walk through life without any sense of personal responsibility? To think nothing of expecting an elite cadre of warriors to attend to your every whim and worry no matter its insignificance. Tasks so important that they must delay the work of men responsible for ensuring that the sun will rise again — yet they are tasks that you cannot be bothered with personally as it may interfere with your schedule of rigorous masturbation!?
Thief, 8-Bit Theater

No fame, no armies, no banners, no cities to celebrate your name. You will die alone, unremarked, and forgotten.
Sebastian/Jack, Babylon 5, "Comes the Inquisitor"

Adams: Benjamin Franklin smote the ground, and out sprang... George Washington. Fully grown and on his horse. Franklin then electrified them with his miraculous lightning rod, and the three of them—Franklin, Washington, and the horse—conducted the entire Revolution all by themselves.
Franklin: I like it.

I... want to stand beside him [Griffith]... by attaining something of my own. He's... the only one I can't stand looking down on me.
Guts, Berserk

Who always cleans up every pony's mess!? It's me! Who was left out of Gummy's birthday party? Who was left abandoned at The Grand Galloping Gala and wound up at Pony's Joe? Who nearly drowned and froze to death at the end of Winter Wrap Up while some certain ponies were laughing at me? Who is always cleaning up messes from all night studying? Who was left behind to take a book home when I really wanted to be with you all? Me! ME! ME! ME! ME!
Spike, finally being fed up by the way the Mane Six treat him, "Circus Days"

Mikami: ... and I was class president. I like to think I was tough but fair and respected by all...
Bullies: Nerd! He's wearing glasses, kill him! Burn the Witch!
Mikami: Of course, people showed respect differently back then...

Let me tell you the kind of world I live in. It is a world of miserable, bitter, ungrateful paramecium who lash out at you in a state of perpetual rage for not solving their problems fast enough. You do astonishing things for them a hundred times a day. You bring wonder to the lives of ordinary people. And in the end, you realize it's like doing magic tricks for a dog.'

What's the matter? Didn't you people here what I said? I come to you with the first good news the world has had in weeks and this is how you react? Why aren't you thanking me? Why aren't you CHEERING?
Charybdis/The Survivor, Irredeemable

I get no respect!

WHAT'VE I GOTTA DO TO GET SOME RESPECT AROUND HERE?! I've fought bandits and monsters, slain wights, I even bested The Wild Hunt, and still everywhere I go I have to start all over again, as a laughingstock! I'm a Questor, this is what I do—go on quests, rescue maidens and slay monsters! I can't put up with this—I won't put up with this—every time I go someplace new!

"[Guts] You're just like Griffith: your dream means everything; you think of nothing but yourself! You don't give a damn whether I'm around or not, do you?!"
Casca, Berserk

Real Life

By 1960 Sinatra was once again political. He had been a playmate of Jack Kennedy during his senatorial days; he was also gung-ho to help out his conservative but attractive fellow Catholic friend. But some Kennedy advisers thought the Red Mafioso should be avoided at all costs...for those who have wonder what dinner might have been like for Falstaff when Prince Hal—now King—snubbed him, I can report that after Kennedy was nominated in Los Angeles at the convention where I was a delegate, Tony Curtis and Janet Lee gave a movie-star party for the nominee. I was placed, along with Sinatra, at the table where Kennedy would sit. We waited. And waited. Sinatra looked edgy; started to drink heavily. Dinner began. Then one of the toothy sisters of the nominee said, casually, 'Oh, Jack's sorry. He can't come. He's gone to the movies.' Opposite me, Falstaff deflated and spoke no more that evening.

George Clooney married Amal Allamuddin this year. Amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, was an advisor to Kofi Annan regarding Syria, and was selected for a three-person UN commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza strip. So tonight her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award.
Tina Fey, 2015 Golden Globes ceremony

Another odd turn, in my opinion, was the non-promotion of Ensign Kim. I mean, come on people! Kim was probed, beaten, tortured and held the distinction of being the first Voyager crew member to die and come back to life. What more does a guy have to do to get promoted to Lieutenant for frak’s sake?
Garret Wang on Star Trek: Voyager

Janeway: Hello, Jean-Luc. I'm an Admiral, and you're not.
Picard: Fuck off, bitch. I saved Earth a half-dozen times and all you did was find your way back there after getting lost.

Spoony!Avatar: ...What, seriously? You don't know who I am? The motherfucker who saved the world no less than six times already?
Baron Horrible Von Voice Actor: Stories tell of the coming of the Avatar, but years have passed since he last visited here.
Spoony!Avatar: I am LITERALLY the Christ Figure of your fucking religion. There are museums dedicated to my great feats stretching back through hundreds of years of your recorded history. I should be the most recognizable bastard on the face of this planet, and this cock hydrant doesn't know who I am?
(Stupefied faces stare back)
Spoony!Avatar: None of you guys know who I am?!?
(more stupefied faces)
Spoony!Avatar: READ A BOOK, peple! I know that humility is one of the eight virtues, but I'm the Goddamned Avatar! Hello??
Noah Antwiler plays Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

Remember when Hornswoggle debuted, and he wasn’t Hornswoggle? Remember his original name? It was Little Bastard. I know WWE is family friendly and all that jazz these days, but seriously, that’s a name that needs to come back...Now he gets to make a fool out of Chavo Guerrero, who must have THE NUCLEAR HEATZ with someone high up because I have no clue as to why he’s been the consistent target of pointless humiliation on a weekly basis. Considering he’s been loyal to the company his uncle and best friends have died for, you’d think he’d be rewarded for his loyalty.

But in true WWE fashion, loyalty results in humiliation.

He invented almost every duck character that isn't Donald — Scrooge, the nephews, Gyro Gearloose — all of them were Carl Barks creations. DuckTales, as a concept, is nothing more than 'let's make an animated series out of those old Carl Barks comics.'

Except that for most of his life, he was anonymous. Company practice was that all comics would be ghostwritten, with Walt Disney's signature on them, in order to maintain the illusion that Disney himself did them. People were not generally fooled, and the mythos arose in the late 1950s among aficionados of the comics of 'The Good Duck Artist' — the anonymous figure who could be identified stylistically... Put in a more cynical way, this massive franchise, created by a company that is one of the most zealous defenders of intellectual property laws, amounts to a decades-long exploitation the intellectual work of one man who died with no significant estate or major assets. Ain't history grand?