Quotes / Darker and Edgier

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    Comic Books 
Dr. Sivana: And now the conclusion approaches. The end. The death of Captain Marvel! I hope you're all paying attention.
Dr. Sawvana: ''Bring them to me! The pretty little heroine, the bright boy! I can't wait to mess them up bad.
Dr. Sivana: Er... quite.
The Multiversity: Thunderworld #1

"The Incredible Squirrel that I created for my old TV show was a cute little guy who had fun stopping goofy bad-guys! This movies too serious. Its not fun at all!"
Clarence Heck protesting a Batman-like movie adaptation of his puppet character, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers issue #10

Blood Wraith: When Irish squire Sean Dolan draws blood with the Black Knight's cursed sword, what do you get? A darker, meaner version of the Knight's old, discarded schticks. Ah, well, at least they won't go to waste — and "Dark Knight" is a proven seller!
Marvel Year in Review 1993

Dwarves: We dig-dig-dig-dig-dig-dig-dig in a mine, the whole day through!
Grumpy: Balrog!
Foxtrot: Jason Fox's proposal for improving Disney movies

    Film — Live Action 
Tex Richman: The Moopets are a hard, cynical act for a hard, cynical world.
Miss Poogy: You're relics, Muppets! The world has moved on, and no one cares about your goody-goody, hippy-dippy, Julie Andrews and Dom DeLuise hostin, singin-and-dancin act anymore! You're dead! And I just come to bury ya.

"My own adventure turned out to be quite different."
Frodo Baggins, The Lord of the Rings

Sometimes I wish Roger Moore would come back!
With an underwater car or some kind of jetpack,
Or a hover-gondola and a Union Jack!
Forget it, mate, it's not The '80s
He'd rather kick you in the face
We've got a new Bond for the noughties
Because the worlds a TERRIBLE place!

And you, Doctor? I had at least expected some incoherent "But of course! I should have known: your name is Jade and green is the colour of death, and there's too much death and if only we could all just appreciate the beauty of a daisy and perhaps I should play them my spoons!" Except you don't do that anymore, do you, Doctor? You don't play your spoons, don't mix your metaphors, don't - have - fun. Too busy destroying planets, tidying up your previous mistakes, dreary navel-gazing...
Jade/Death, Big Finish Doctor Who, Master

    Web Animation 
"Part of the identity of the Thief series was its dry humour: a city of thick, drunken guards and blustering nobles; you, the wily outsider come to take them down a peg. But there's no wit or poetic justice in this city; just miserable people being serious. "Eeeuyhh, the police are evil and everyone's got the plague. Who will save us? What's that? Dishonored? Never heard of it.""

    Web Original 
"Certainly it seems like half my professional existence is spent on some level trying to persuade people that games are becoming more mature all the time. But there are various interpretations of the word mature, and its a paradox I've noticed before that a lot of games that receive mature certificates would only be of interest to twelve-year-olds."

"Studio execs had run out of reboots, so they jumped at the chance to film Stallone’s Disney crossover, Bambo: First Flood."

"In a way, Zorin still feels ahead of his time, the almost anonymous violence and random brutality of the twenty-first century...Zorin exists to demonstrate that the older, gentler era of Bond is over, and I think that it offers an in-universe explanation for the shift in Bonds between films. Zorin’s brutality led Roger Moore to decide not to return to the role, and I like to imagine he had a similar impact on Moore’s James Bond character. Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan would not be as surprised by Zorin’s brutality. In fact, they seem like a response to the shift in cultural norms that it might represent."

"Jax and Sonya are cops here, trying to take down serial killers like Reptile, who's been made into a guy with a skin condition. Who still eats people's heads. Huh...Baraka is a plastic surgeon who went insane after killing a patient, sharpening his teeth into blades and grafting blades into his arms. Oh, yeah, and he kills Johnny Cage. At least some things never change."

"Yes, in this version not only does Scrooge belittle Cratchit, he sends him to the soup line. Now I’ve not mentioned this yet, but this is, without question, the most depressing version of this show I’ve ever seen. I mean, it’s nothing that will make you reach for the Kleenex, but it will have your mouth agape at just how dark the whole thing is."

"As series change, feedback loops can be created. The subversive, ‘dark’ comics of the mid-1980s like Watchmen were, at one level at least, meant as ironic commentary on the notion that superheroes were ‘realistic’. Stories like The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, and Arkham Asylum were deliberately placed outside continuity to distance themselves from the ‘mainstream’ Bat-titles, and were designed to make the point that Batman was extremely violent and possibly as insane as any of his opponents. These comics proved wildly more popular than the ‘regular’ Batman. The Tim Burton movies followed their lead. (The original Sam Hamm script tacked much more closely to the Englehart / Rogers run from the 1970s comics.) The outlying versions of Batman became the norm, with their innovations quickly showing up in the main titles – and by definition, once they were the rule, not the exception, the original subversive point being made was lost. For twenty-five years, now, the default-value Batman has been extremely violent, growly, and possibly insane."
Lance Parkin, Superhero Accessories

"I love that they use these sets which are usually the setting for fluffy action adventure tales and have dark and devious plots brewing in them...Can nobody appear on DS9 and not get their hands dirty? Eddington seemed like a safe bet until he was revealed to be the leader of the Maquis. Our next hope for humanity was dear sweet Admiral Ross but this episode exposes even him as getting in bed with the enemy to ensure the safe running of the Federation. Thank goodness none of the TNG crew made a significant appearance on this show; I would hate to tarnish any of their bright, appealing images with some DS9 dirt."

"Watching Bulk and Skull, two of the most enduring, lovable characters in the show’s history, being portrayed as foul-mouthed white trash who sell out the human race to aliens, murder their friends, and then die of drug overdoses was basically the equivalent of watching Winnie the Pooh go postal on the Hundred Acre Wood."

"Identity Crisis opens with a caption that reads, 'Thirty Minutes Till Now'. It is a declaration: you are in the past. I will bring you to the now. And it does."

"Oh, did you want Superman to be a shining light of morality in a harsh and cruel world? Screw that candy-ass shit. Superbro is gonna crush some buildings and give zero fucks about collateral damage. Grittiness: unlocked."
Drew Magary, "The 25 Least Influential People of 2013"

"Sony, a multimedia corporate giant run by full-grown adults, paid $1 million for a screenplay called Winters Knight, a gritty interpretation of the Santa Claus legend, because everyone in Hollywood has lost their fucking minds."

"Hinting that the gritty new animated feature would close the book on a "beloved friend", a new Disney trailer on Monday teased the exit of a major character in the upcoming film Death at Pooh Corner."

    Web Video 
Mike: It's totally in-character for Spock to jump onto a flying hover-vehicle and punch someone repeatedly in the face
Rich: While screaming emotionally?
Mike: —while screaming 'I'm gonna kill you, you cocksucker motherfucker.'
Jack: Leonard Nimoy was a pinch more nuanced.

OOC: You've been complain' for years about WCW: everything is black robes, black ring, black...
V1: Black and grey. The only color worse than to have everything black is everything grey.
Jay: Like dog-vision. (everyone guffaws)
OOC: It's quite depressing.
V1: It really is.
OSW Review on Thunder (David Arquette trilogy), Ep. 33

Danny: What, like, board room meeting took place where they were like... (deep voice) Y'know, Sonic, what do we need? We need Hell, we need ghosts, we need the Doom Eye, we need MORE GUNS!
Arin: Well, they needed Sonic to be edgy, and geared towards the kids.
Danny: Really?! Is this what the kids want?!
Arin: The kids who- who like all the violence in their video games! Sonic's not violent enough!

    Western Animation 
"We're here to make coffee metal. We will make everything metal, blacker than the blackest black, times infinity."
Nathan Explosion, Metalocalypse

    Real Life 
"The fact that it is listed as Kid Friendly was a big selling point for them because, let's face it, comics aren't exactly for kids anymore."
Tom Siddell on Gunnerkrigg Court

"It all started in the Seventies with the appearance of heroes like The Punisher and Wolverine. Instead of being hurled into a swirling dimensional vortex to seeming oblivion, a super-villain was now more likely to take a bullet to the brain, or a claw through the heart! Committing crimes and fighting superheroes became dangerous!

No wonder the bad guys started behaving a little rowdier — can you blame em? Suddenly, villains like Doctor Doom — who'd up till now pranced around with an air of menace but never actually DID anything to anybody — started bumping off people left and right... some of em just for snoring too loudly!"
— Marvel Year in Review 1993