Quotes / Curse Cut Short

Joker: Hey, Jack! Now that you're military, you gonna wear a uniform, or are you just getting the officer's bars tattooed on?
Jack: Screw you, fu—flight lieutenant.
Joker: Ahaha... uh, what the hell was that?
Sanders: Jack promised to watch her language in order to maintain the necessary professionalism we need from our teachers.
Joker: What, does she have a swear jar or something? I bet if we emptied that thing, we could afford another cruiser!
Jack: ...Cover your ears, kids. Hey, Joker! F—

"You just gave away our position. Now we're-"
Li Shang, Mulan, right before being shot in the chest with an arrow.

"Danger 5 will hunt you down, motherfu—" (machine-gunned by Hitler's mooks)
Colonel Chestbridge, Danger 5

Lisa: Dad, how can you work for a man like Mr. Burns?
Homer: He's not all bad. He did send me this nice thank-you card.
Lisa: "Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie". Dad, this doesn't have your name on it.
Homer: (looks at card, lowers it with a furious look on his face) Kids, would you step outside for a second? (Bart and Lisa immediately obey) FFF-

(security footage of Stan moving barrels; he drops one on his foot) Gah! Hot Belgian waffles! (beat) Wait, I'm alone. I can swear for real! (takes deep breath) SON OF A(Dipper quickly fast-forwards the tape)
Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

That lousy 'Nasty' — She's out to get me fired — That rotten, under-handed stupid w...

"Ggh! You bast—" Hit in the gut by Terumi's Ouroboros
Ragna the Bloodedge, BlazBlue: Alter Memory

"SON OF A—" (Transition to the next short)
Ruby Rose, RWBY Chibi

"Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor, not a f--"
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Star Trek Beyond

Rocket's A.I.: Blue Alert! Blue Alert! Incoming! Incoming!
Supergirl: What? Oh, Cra—

WHAT THE F— (credits roll)
Aunt May, after seeing Peter in his Spidey-suit, Spider-Man: Homecoming

Motherf- (crumbles to dust)
Nick Fury, Avengers: Infinity War (in The Stinger)