Quotes / Batman Gambit

"Threaten any serious criminal organization, and they're going to do one of two things. They'll send someone to make a deal... Or they'll send someone to make a corpse. Either way, you've got something to work with."

"But the camera was my suggestion," I told her. "It's another aspect of the deceiver's talent to make important parts of his plan seem like someone else's idea. In this case, he just had to keep his mouth shut and wait. Someone would have suggested the camera, and in the unlikely event that they didn't, as a last resort, he'd have suggested it himself"
Jack Parlabane and Moira Loftus, The Attack of The Unsinkable Rubber Ducks

"If you’re good at anticipating the human mind, it leaves nothing to chance."
Jigsaw, Saw V

"Now obviously, it's a trap of some sort. But he would know that I know its a trap. So what is he planning, knowing that I know he knows?"
Artie, Warehouse 13

"I realize that predicting what your enemy will do and then betting everything you have on the probability that your prediction is accurate is a really, really stupid thing to do. I'm not suggesting we do anything of the sort, either."
Earl White Haven, Storm from the Shadows

Murderer: I thought it might be a trap...but I had to be sure.
Patrick Jane: That's why it's a trap.

"Took you long enough. I was beginning to think I'd figured you wrong."
Lex Luthor, Justice League Unlimited

"Citizen Admiral Giscard is a shooter, not a chip-shuffler, and he and Citizen Secretary McQueen between them have avoided the weakest parts of Thurston's strategy for Yeltsin's Star."
"Which were?"
"Which were his elaborate maneuvers to draw the Manties and Graysons out of position prior to the attack," Tourville said without hesitation. "He got too clever and tried to manipulate them—to suck them out of his way so as to give himself a virtually unopposed shot at his objective. Worse, he seems to have fallen in love with his own plan. When he finally hit Yeltsin, he'd spent so much time convincing himself his preliminary operations had worked perfectly that he came in fat, dumb, and happy. ... That was a tactical failure on his part once all the pieces were in play, but, frankly, any strategist who depends on convincing his adversaries to do what he wants has made the kind of mistake even amateurs should know enough to avoid. Oh, it's always worth trying to mislead the other side, convince him you're going to hit him at Point A when you actually intend to blow hell out of Point B, but you should never—ever—set up a strategy under which the enemy has to do what you want if your own operations are going to succeed."

I trusted [Cedric] to pass the information on to you. Decent people are so easy to manipulate, Potter. I was sure Cedric would want to repay you for telling him about the dragons, and so he did.
Bartemius Crouch, Jr, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Vimes: Why did you drag me here?
Ahmed: Drag you? I had to sabotage my own ship so you wouldn't lose me!
Vimes: Yes, but... you... knew how I'd react.
Vimes's heart began to sink. Everyone knew how Sam Vimes would react.

It wasn't the blood. It was you...and your choices. I just gave you the options, and you chose the right path every time. You didn't need the feather to fly, you had it in you the whole time, Dumbo!
Ruby, Supernatural

Terry Benedict: How did you know I would go for [the diamonds]?
Danny Ocean: Because you're you and I'm me.

Helix, one day you'll learn that the next best thing to have after a reliable ally is a predictable enemy.
Sam Starfall, Freefall #1516.

Gek: Shipmaster 'Mdama! The humans have their prize! They are near escape!
Jul 'Mdama: Let them, Gek.
Gek: They carry the soul of a Promethean Knight!
Jul 'Mdama: And we have made enough of a display trying to retrieve it.
Halo 4: Spartan Ops

Legend: Clockblocker managed to tether Mannequin in place. Crawler freed himself from the same trap by tearing himself in two against the immovable object. It was Piggot who managed to keep Crawler in the blast area.
Skitter: How?
Legend: She had Weld pass on a message, telling Crawler what we had planned. He was so tickled at the idea that we would be able to hurt him that he stayed where he was while the teams made their retreat.
Legend explaining how an unpowered, middle-aged PRT director managed to kill an unkillable monstrosity, Worm, Prey 14.7

Martin Vanger: You know what's harder than hitting someone with a gun? Just missing them. It was a very good shot, up at the cabin.
Blomkvist: Well it didn't work. I'm still here.
Martin Vanger: Mikael, it did work. You're here.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (American remake)

Richard: But...I talked you out of your deal.
Nathan: Just like I knew you would.

Reese: I'm really sorry, you guys.
Malcolm: For what? You were perfect. You did exactly what I thought you'd do.
Reese: What are you talking about?
Malcolm: They have a fake letter. I knew Francis wouldn't leave us alone without getting something and I knew you'd give it away. I knew exactly what everyone would do.
Reese: So where's the real letter?
Malcolm: I had to think of the one place they'd never think of looking. I had to give it to the one person they'd never think I'd give it to. I did the most brilliant thing of all. I gave it to Dewey.
Dewey: And I hid it under Mom's pillow.
Malcolm: You what?!
Malcolm in the Middle, "Smunday"

T'Pol: We've reached the coordinates. Ensign, magnify.
(Picture of a red giant sun)
Reed: I'm picking up several Xindi vessels. I'm also reading significant quantities of kemocite.
Archer: What's our status?
Reed: Minimal damage. The hull plating's coming back online.
Archer: Arm all weapons. Lay in a course for those kemocite signatures, full impulse. Get him out of here.
Archer: Show him.
(They were still at the test site, nowhere near Azati Prime. His unbridled rage just confirmed that the coordinates were correct.)
Archer: Thanks for your help.

Supergirl: Uh-Oh! Something tells me Mongul isn't kidding anymore!
Superman: Perfect! He's reacting exactly as I'd hoped he would!

Rick: 20 yards, 9 gauge plasma pistol. My first shot will liquify her insides and injure you, the second shot adds recoil. The risk to me is minimised if I wait for you to shoot her, which I'm encouraging you to do.
Rick: Or you let her go, which I reward you with a quicker death!
Council Rick: Because you love her!
Rick: Because, it's incentive for you to give me the cleaner shot, which will be your less painful death. But if you wanna die slower than that, I'm super into it. All you gotta do is kill the girl.
Summer: I hate you!
Rick: Not an issue, sweetie.
Morty: *raises plasma pistol* That's enough! Drop the gun, Rick!
Rick: Morty, I know you're too stupid to get this, but you're really fucking this up right now.
Morty: I'm not letting you let my sister die! Drop the gun!
Rick: I wasn't gonna let her die, you fucking moron!
Council Rick: Ha!
Summer: Aww...
Rick: The point is, he thought I was going to!
Council Rick: I totally did, by the way. You're a fucking moron, Morty.
Summer: Morty, you fucking idiot!
Rick: You're a serious fucking idiot, you basically killed us all! You're as dumb as a bag of sand! You're the dumbest thing I've ever laid eyes on! What an idiot!
Council Rick: Hahahaha!
Morty: Aaaaghhh! *shoots Rick in the head* Who's fucking stupid now, bitch!?
Council Rick: Ahahaha, that was amazing, Morty. Oh my God, wow. Okay, let's wrap this u- *BLAM!*
Rick: Good job, Morty. Let's go, kids.
Summer: What!? Whhat happened?
Rick: *tosses Summer Morty's plasma pistol* Oldest Rick trick in the book.
Summer: "Fake gun, shoot me in stand-off!" Brilliant!
Morty: Ha! Yeah, g-good thing I saw that note!

"Even if the count dies, the Chaos Heart won't disappear if I continue to control it! But I needed the power of the Pure Hearts to beat him...I couldn't do that on my own. So I had you do all of the sweaty labor for me. And you even used your Pure Hearts to defeat Count Bleck! If they make greeting cards to thank people for helping with evil plans, I owe you one."
Dimentio, Super Paper Mario

Power Girl slipped out from under his grasp like a greased weasel.
She had been gauging the pressure of his grip with great accuracy. Her talk to Badra had a specific effect on Mala, she could tell by a certain feeling against her back. And when a man starts to think down there, she told herself, he loses a little ability to think up elsewhere.

Kara stopped at the warp-gate and looked behind her. Satan Girl had stopped as well, less than a mile behind her. To her credit, she wasn't stupid. She knew that Supergirl was leading her on. And, having Kara's memories, she knew where she was headed.
<That is the anti-matter universe,> sent Satan Girl.
<Oh, very good,> mocked Kara, smiling like a teacher tutoring her most backward pupil. <Now, if you'll just join me here, I can finish you right off.>
The villainess didn't budge. <It'll blow us both to bits if we touch any substance there without force-shields or matter-conversion,> she sent. <I can just wait you out. You'll come back, or you'll be atomized. Either way, I win.>
<Oh, will you?>, asked Kara. <I thought for certain that you wanted to tear me apart with your own hands. Except it hasn't been that easy, has it? Maybe you're just not up to it, after all... since you're just a pretty pathetic copy of me.>
Satan Girl's expression of hatred, which was about the only one she owned, intensified. <YOU...> she began, and that was all she could get out.
<Just one more thing, darling,> sent Kara. <I didn't want to have to tell you this, but we killed Mordru. He's dead. Hope you didn't get attached to him too much.>
At that, Supergirl knew she had succeeded. Probably a little more than she wanted.
Satan Girl surged forward like an express train, her arms outstretched, and Kara flew through the warp.