Quotes: Bag of Spilling

"11+ games, y'know. I've journeyed to other planets. I've slain alien gods. But no. Still hip-deep in rats. FML."

"So, Arkham Origins takes place, broadly speaking, now? And the other two games must've retroactively taken place in the future? Then where were all the jetpacks, fuckwit? And why does Batman start the game already with all the gadgets you had to unlock over time in Arkham City? Does he just ditch his entire utility belt every now and again? Perhaps after it pulls his trousers down one too many times."

MegaMan: I'd Like to Read a poem that drifts in the air... "I don't know where my old chips are I asked Dad... I asked Mom..."
Lan: Hahahaha! That was great... And True... I have no clue where my old chips are stashed!

Link: I'll grab my stuff!
Gwonam: There is no time! Your sword is enough!

The board is set, the pieces are in motion and it's time to go get the Missile Launcher. What's that you say? You already have a Missile Launcher? Heh... welcome to the world of Metroid, friend.

"In X2, you save the galaxy, well sort of. Your the hero, everyone is in your debt. In game time, you play on for about 6 months to a year and amass a huge trading empire and an even huger battlefleet. Your personal ship is a Nova, or an M6, or an M2. Your combat [rank] ace of aces better.
"Along comes X3.
"WTF ? Suddenly you have no factories. No fleet. No race rank with anyone. You have gone from Hero to Zero with the insertion of a disc. Worse, your personal ship is gone and your flying this old fleatrap that cant get out of its own way, let alone keep you alive, and hey, it has no upgrades either and just 2 little popguns. And suddenly you're 'harmless' instead of an 'ace of aces'."