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The Ridonculous Race has its own page.

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  • The fact that so many interns died in the course of the show. And Chris is perfectly cool with admitting this on national TV.
  • Cody's weird stretchy expressions. The face he makes whenever he's flirting with Gwen makes him look like a rapist. The way his mouth stretches and the gap in his teeth goes all huge and his eyes go small.

  • In "Who Can You Trust?" one of the challenges was to prepare fugu blowfish sushi and give it to a teammate without poisoning them. As it was, Trent made the mistake of allowing Lindsay to prepare the sushi for him. After eating a blob of what was left of the blowfish, he fell down, started to puke, and turned blue. As if that wasn't bad enough, the next thing we see is Chef in a nurse's uniform about to give him CPR, then the screen goes black and all we can hear is Trent dry heaving.
  • Izzy's swelled-up face after her poison ivy spa treatment in that episode. She's barely recognizable as human.

  • Kelsey from the Aftermath shows just how obsessive with Trent she is. Not to mention her poem...
    "Your hair is black...
    My heart is blue...
    I'll stuff you with rags...
    And sew you up too!"

    World Tour 

    Revenge of the Island 
  • Dakota turning into a mutated monster, with plenty of Body Horror to spare. While it can be debated that the other contestants, such as Alejandro and Ezekiel deserved their fates, her only crime was being a bit of an Attention Whore. Most of the time, she's actually Spoiled Sweet.
  • Scott's fate near the end of the season. He has a toxic marshmallow burn into him after his elimination is announced and ends up covered in a cast on the catapult with Fang the shark, who was eager to maul him all season. The next time he is seen he's placed in a machine, and he can't move or speak.reference to  Similar to Alejandro, his condition also appears to leave him far from recovery. Although by the next season, he's fully recovered.

    All Stars 
  • Ezekiel has a murderous vendetta against Chris, who, at the end of 'Zeek and Ye Shall Find', ends terrified of him. Even if this can be seen as karmic retribution from all the stuff Chris did to him (he even mentions them in this episode), the point is that now there's a feral killer on the loose, and one that still conserves enough human-like intelligence to set up a trap and capture those who might try rescue his prey. Zeke also has acidic spit, thanks to the toxic waste exposure.

    Pahkitew Island 
  • Chris' Perpetual Smiler face in "Blast From The Past"
  • Scarlett Fever:
    • The entire island going haywire and almost self-destructing.
    • The robot animals under the island, with glowing red eyes and parts of their "skin" missing.
    • Scarlett pretending to still be on the other contestants' sides in order to trick them into entering a room full of Chris-bots (which are creepy enough by themselves), where she promptly traps them in.

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