Nightmare Fuel / Outlast
"I know I've said it before, but fuck this place."
Miles Upshur

This game has a huge amount of things to be scared of. Whether it's due to seeing piles of intestines and gore, or running away from the crazed inmates, there's something here to scare everyone. And now there's a sequel.

  • This game's graphics provide plenty to be afraid of. The detail put into the blood and gore is good. Unfortunately, it's a little too good at points, to where just standing around and looking is sure to make you queasy.
  • Many of the other inmates are NPCs, that have already gone far past the point of no return, mentally, sitting by themselves and whispering random gibberish, each of them with Facial Horror all their own. What's worse? Some of them attack you. Most don't. You'll never know which one's which until it's too late.
  • Early on in the game, you are met with the lovely sight of a necrophiliac inmate having his way with a beheaded body in the form of an effective Jump Scare. And, when he sees you, he calls you the sicko. Rest assured, this scene has left quite the impact on a number of players.
  • One of the inmates is trying to clean another... in a bath tub full of blood, softly whispering to him like a newborn baby. Shudder.
  • When Miles is thrown down a few floors later in the game, he lands on top of a pile of Ludicrous Gibs, slowly coming to the realization of what he's on.
  • The huge inmate, Chris Walker, is enough to make any player scared to look around the corner. The first time we see him, he calls Miles a "little pig" and throws him through a window. Getting caught by him later will likely result in Miles's head getting literally ripped off from his shoulders. It makes the Walrider's effortless killing of him all the more scary.
  • Those Two Bad Guys, who stand naked in front of Miles, calmly talk about how they'd love to kill him slowly and take various parts of him. This doesn't become that big of a deal until you have to escape from both of them.
    • Plus, the creepy way that they seem to disappear whenever Miles jumps out the window.
  • The Cold-Blooded Torture scene is skin-crawlingly sickening. The Faux Affably Evil Doctor Trager straps Miles to a wheelchair, teases him with a way out, then brings him into a disgusting "lab" AKA a public restroom, complete with urinals. The good doctor proceeds to cut off a finger on each of Miles's hands, even punching Miles to keep him from passing out. Once Trager leaves, presumably to find something else to torture Miles with, Miles manages to get himself free, only to violently throw up immediately after.
    • It becomes worse with a dash of Fridge Horror: it's implied that after the fingers he was going to go for the groin and tongue next, had Miles not escaped.
  • The Variant's many examples of Body Horror. This is beyond inhumane: it's just evil, plain and simple. If you're squeamish, don't click on these links. Seriously, don't.
  • Being discovered by the enemies makes things really fast and intense as it becomes a game of cat and mouse. It's scary because you have no idea where you are going, where's safe to hide, and where the items are.
  • A mix of this and Tear Jerker with the surprisingly comprehensible inmate you find in the burning room late in the game. He just sounds so defeated as everything around him has gone to hell. Him attacking you a little later in the game implied that he was about to lose his sanity.
  • Chris Walker's death. The player should feel relieved that he's off their back, but just watching how the Walrider kills him is just as disturbing as the others. First, Walker is thrown around like a rag doll but then he's pulled into the air vent and diced up by the fan. And the worst part: that could have happened to Miles! In a disturbing way, this was a Villainous Rescue.
  • One of the rooms in the sewers is a massive underground reservoir, so large it renders the camera's IR pretty much useless. Far on the other side, you see a little speck of light. The sheer size of the reservoir is foreboding in itself, but it's not long before you hear the clinking of Chris Walker's chains. And the echos in the room make it nearly impossible to find out which direction the sound's coming from, forcing you to walk through chest-deep water towards the light and pray that he doesn't find you. Walker only appears once you jump to the exit ladder, making the buildup that much worse.
  • In one room, you find a guy in a straight jacket, gagged and blinded. He follows you. Slowly, not saying or doing anything, but no matter where you go in the room, he just FOLLOWS you. It is really unnerving.
  • The documents you find contain all sorts of horrid details about what just happened. But perhaps the most disturbing ones are those referring to the US government and the very much real secret experiments the CIA tried out to control the minds of others, like MK-Ultra and Bluebird. We're told of several experiments of cruel nature, like hypnotizing a woman into killing another by shooting her despite hating guns. And those experiments, and the test subjects, were provided and executed by Murkoff. In other words, a huge amount of the horrors of the game happened because they were promoted and subsided by the CIA itself. Miles and Waylon were not just facing a big corporation, but also the very american government and secret services. The guy at the end of Whistleblower was not kidding when he said Waylon and his family would be screwed after he released his recordings to the public.
  • At the beginning of Whistleblower, Waylon Park is forcibly institutionalized after attempting to reveal the abuses going on at Mount Massive Asylum. While this is horrifying by itself, it leads to the question of just how many people were institutionalized like Waylon?
  • In the main game, the glimpses we get of the Walrider are nothing short of terrifying.
  • The video being shown to Billy in the final part of the game. It has no sound, is in black and white, and is playing on several TV screens. It's essentially a mash-up of various bizarre images. The footage in the movie is live action, not done with game graphics, which makes it even more jarring, and all of the images are jittery. And Billy is being forced to watch it, all the time.
  • Finally, the ending itself is nightmare fuel that crosses into Tear Jerker territory: Everything Miles suffered through meant absolutely nothing. Miles is dead, nobody will ever know the truth about Murkoff, all eyewitness testimony is silenced, the camera with the only evidence of the truth is lost forever, and now, worst of all, the Walrider is free to roam the world horribly killing anyone and everyone it pleases and nobody will know where it even came from or how to stop it.
    • That is, until Whistleblower delivers its ending: Miles is alive and has taken control of the Walrider, using it to save Waylon Park from Jeremy Blaire and get him out of the asylum with the precious camcorder evidence. While Park has his own nightmare to face with Murkoff trying to hunt him down for exposing their crimes, thus putting his family in danger should he go near them, it's considerably less downbeat.
  • You think Chris Walker is scary? Well, he could have been a lot worse...
  • Just like its predecessor, Whistleblower does not let up on the scares. Let's start off with that crazy cannibal who's bent on carving you up and roasting you in an oven.
    • Your very first encounter with said cannibal is walking in on him standing naked in the kitchen and messily butchering a body, with pots of blood and severed limbs boiling on the stove beside him. When you exit the room and pass the window, you see he's using a buzz saw, has dried blood caked to his beard, and has apparently shoved his victim's head in a microwave and exploded it. Then he throws his saw at you, snarls like an enraged animal, and starts violently ripping off strips of meat from the body with his teeth.
    • *saw revs up* "FEED ME! FEED ME! FEED ME!"
    • Another thing about meeting the Cannibal is that if you listen carefully while approaching the kitchen before meeting him, you can hear his saw revving up and somebody screaming in agony.
  • The doctor who licks your face in the beginning. If you put on some headphones for that scene, you'll hear moaning that is too low to hear otherwise.
  • In one hallway a guy follows you very slowly, telling you that you look so silky and he needs to tell you a secret. No thank you, I don't need any secrets please!
  • When you are exploring the attic, you overhear what appears to be four people talking to each other, but you can only see one person. Later, you come across a document describing a patient named Dennis with dissociative identity disorder. Then, it hits you, Dennis is the person you hear in the attic, and the other person you hear talking is really just him talking to himself. A more subtle horror is just how dismissive the doctors are of his illness, saying he's faking it and doubting the disease even exists. (Which is completely untrue considering Dennis is talking to his other personalities while completely alone). And their response to his 'attention-seeking'? electro-shock therapy. Then, you see his face, and it looks like its been fried...
  • One of the most terrifying parts of the DLC is the Variant named Gluskin, who is dressed as a groom, thinking you're his "bride" with whom he can have his way with. He's so persistent in chasing you that he could give Chris Walker a run for his money. The most offsetting thing about him stalking you is the way he acts so calm and polite about it. Not to mention the creepy way he sings the American Quartet's "I Want a Girl"; you'll never be able to listen to that song again without thinking of him!
    • The worst part is when you can hear him singing somewhere nearby, but you can't figure out where he is.
    When I was a boy, my mother said to me, 'Get married, son, and you will see how happy you can be...'
    • When he finally does capture you, you are treated to several scenes of him sawing the genitals of several other male patients, and what's worse is that he gets close to doing the same thing to you. Luckily, another inmate comes to your rescue before the saw can even touch you, but the thought of him doing that to you will make players shudder from remembering that scene with him, especially male gamers.
    • And who could forget that Slasher Smile he gives you when you first meet him?
      Gluskin: Darling.
    • Before Waylon even enters the Vocational Block, Gluskin can be briefly glimpsed in an extremely unsettling moment. Just by the building is a document, very possibly written by someone on the run from Gluskin, and it simply reads "Kill us. Burn the building. Worse than death here. Kill us. Kill us." Looking through the window of the building reveals a figure (Gluskin, unknown to Waylon and the player at this point) stalking down the hallway, who suddenly stops, turns, and just stares at Waylon for a moment before resuming the chase.
    • His Mood-Swinger attitude is pretty terrifying as well, going from soft spoken and polite to a shouting rage on the turn of a dime.
    • Before encountering Gluskin himself, you can find one of earlier wife experiments. It's a mutilated man with the head of another man sticking out of an opening in the taint, in a gruesome mimicking of childbirth. Just to give the full extent of gruesome, that includes the man's chest has been sliced open and stuffed to resemble female mammaries, the belly sliced open and stuffed with other bits to show pregnancy, and a severed head stuffed where the nether-regions were messily removed. Do not look for an image; It's absolutely full of nope.
    • Later, Waylon enters a gymnasium - the ceiling of which is covered with the hanged, mutilated corpses of Gluskin's victims, and there are dozens of them.
    • Not only do you see hanging corpses but you see his decapitated victims who's heads were placed on mannequins scattered around the room.
    • In the early part of the game, you see Eddie Gluskin being forced into the Morphogenic Engine. The Fridge Horror eventually hits you - What kind of Walrider would Eddie have been if the experiment had worked?
      • It's far worse when you consider the question: What would have happened if any of the scarier Variants had been Wariderized, and then had escaped out into the real world? Walrider Billy Hope was bad enough, but imagine if he'd been a cannibal, devouring every person in his path in a desperate attempt to satisfy his uncontrollable hunger, or a perverted serial killer who wanted to rape and mutilate everyone he came into contact with? There are several variants who could have become Keter Class monstrousities had the Morphogenic Engine succeeded with them. It makes Chris Walker's crusade to destroy all potential hosts seem downright reasonable.
  • Jeremy Blaire himself may not be a deformed mental patient, but he is arguably one of the scariest enemies in the game, due to his utter indifference to the abuse and exploitation happening at Mount Massive, his willingness to do terrible things to you (and even kill you and your family) without feeling remorse, and his attempts to keep you from spreading the truth about Murkoff. He even tricks you into thinking he's trying to help you at the end, then tries to stab you in the back. He gets a gruesome but well-deserved death from the Walrider. Almost everyone else has the excuse of being, well, insane or a Well-Intentioned Extremist; Blaire is just an asshole with zero redeeming qualities.
  • In the comics, we see how "Dr." Trager ended up at the Asylum; having been commited there by none other than Blaire himself. With Blaire doing it with the utmost glee. There is absolutely no one that's safe from this asshole, not even his "buddies".
  • Early in your escape attempt in the DLC, the first blocked hallway makes the player duck into an operating room. Inside the room is a large group of inmates who have killed and started dissecting a doctor. The leader invites you to join in and cut out the heart, claiming that unless he works out some aggression now, he will simply have a much more destructive blow-out later. When you make no move to participate, he starts stabbing the knife into the corpse's chest in a fit of rage and shouts at you to get out before he decides to use you as the next stress dummy. What makes it worse is that if your first instinct is to turn back to the hallway, you'll see that a new and particularly deformed patient has entered behind you and is blocking the doorway, and when you walk around to the second entrance, everyone turns to glare at your retreating figure.
  • In the DLC, we get to see "The Mount Massive Slaughter" in full. Scary does not even begin to describe it.
  • Ever wonder why all the Variants are male, besides Mount Massive being meant primarily for male inmates? As it turns out in a document in Whistleblower, the Morphogenic Engine caused at least seven of the female employees to believe they were pregnant, and then miscarried about halfway through their delusional pregnancies...and in the majority of the cases died because of it.
  • At the end of game, you get a couple of the documents that talk about the transfer of three patients: 14306-8, 14279-1, and 14868-1. Why is that so frightening? Because apparently they are referred as 'lucid dreamers' and they make Billy Hope look like a partial success. If that means what it sounds like it means and considering Miles' survival as the new Walrider, then things are about to get a lot scarier.
  • Due to a quirk of the game design (the fact that the developers didn't want to have to respawn a different model every time the main character of the game died,) neither Miles nor Waylon have heads. There's just a bloody stump where their necks are located. (They do have nontextured, invisible heads located atop their necks so they can cast a full shadow, but they don't have visible head models.) A 3rd person view of the characters shows how creepy they look You can occasionally see the bloody neckstumps in game, when you ease through tight spots, crawl into Trager's dumbwaiter or climb out of a sewer tunnel.
  • It's easy to miss, but one of the inmates cowering in a bed in the Prison Level has a syringe lodged up his anus. You have no idea whether the inmate himself put it there or if some other inmate did, but it's a moment of horror that seems far more effective than the games more bombastic and spectacle-ridden scares.