Awesome: Outlast

  • After dodging Trager and making it to the elevator, Trager corners Miles as soon as he activates it. Miles has no choice but to grapple with Trager. Miles manages to knock him back, and he keeps him pinned into place until he's nearly cut in half by the doors. It's the only time in the game that Miles truly fights back, and boy does he make it count.
  • Miles is a man with no special abilities, no combat training, no weapons. He faces sights that would drive men insane, he's tossed through windows, he has several fingers cut off, he's hounded by a dozen maniacs who would like nothing more than to tear him to pieces and eat him. And despite all that, he makes it through the asylum and into the underground facility that's the center of the experiments that were the cause of all the trouble. Once there, he's tasked with shutting down the machine keeping alive the person who's actually the Walrider. And despite being chased by him, Miles manages to shut down all three segments of the machine, surviving a nearly lethal beating in the process. And despite all the abuse he's been through, despite being barely able to stand, Miles gets up and walks out of that room. And when greeted by a group of soldiers, even being shot isn't enough to finish Miles off. It takes half a clip of ammunition to fully put him down. Godspeed, Miles. You may be possessed by a ghostly abomination, but damned if you didn't make it hard for them.
    • Not only does Miles survive, and eradicate Wernicke's squad, he has taken control of the Walrider. We repeat — the Walrider is under Miles' control.
    • On a similar note, Waylon Park not only manages to escape the havoc of the initial slaughter and Murkoff out for his guts, but recovers the whistleblower email in the process — everything he wanted to do. Yes, Murkoff will not rest until he is dead or incarcerated, but thanks to him, that Mega Corp. is not going to be able to avoid its karma.
  • In a way, Chris Walker getting eradicated by the Walrider. Seeing that relentless, frightening brute of a man completely helpless before you is a sight to see, although Miles is surprisingly sympathetic. Not that it or the one below are anything but Gorn, so it's still probably a bit scary.
    • By the same token, Jeremy Blaire also getting eradicated by the Walrider and screaming out of sheer terror the entire time. After suffering through the torment that he ultimately caused, both indirectly and personally, it's so damn satisfying to see him get a well-earned fate. This time, Waylon is not sympathetic at all.
  • After being forced to watch him butcher at least three inmates in incredibly brutal ways, and almost having it done to you, there's a lot of catharsis in watching Eddie Gluskin get killed from the same equipment he tried to use to kill you.
  • As in the Heartwarming section, there's an inmate who warns you about the groom. Theory is he's also the one who saves you from the groom later on, risking life and genitalia to help a stranger that he already tried to help. He didn't need to do any of that. He doesn't even appear again, so either he fled or died during the rescue.
  • From a meta perspective, the fact that the two games eventually end at the same time. It's helped by the 12 hour time skip in Whistleblower but regardless, the way it happens out of almost nowhere is really neat.
    • It's especially cool during Whistleblower when you stumble across Trager's dead body, as well as the burning building where Father Martin set himself on fire!