Nightmare Fuel / Jurassic Park III
"It's a birdcage."

  • The deaths of Those Two Guys on the boat at the beginning, particularly since we don't see what happens to them.
  • The death of Udesky, who is horribly used as living bait by the Velociraptors. They pretty much paralyze him (but don't kill him... yet), wait for one of the other humans to try and help him, and spring out when Amanda does. However, the humans escape, and the raptors leave... but not before one of them snaps Udesky's neck, putting him out of his misery.
    • Unlike its predecessors, the third movie's velociraptors are a lot smarter, can communicate, are better parents, and are willing to work together to bring down their prey...their targets mainly being the protagonists.
  • The Spinosaurus: it killed the T. rex with ease and is very persistent, chasing the protagonists across most of the island and surviving being rammed by a plane.
  • The sound of the phone is still ringing in the Spinosaurus's belly... It could give one chills, when it's discovered standing behind them when they realized their mistake
  • The whole plane scene when the Spinosaurus is introduced.
    • Then its whole concluding scene with the boat. During said scene, we're led to believe that Paul was Killed Off for Real as his family cries for him. Fortunately, it turns out that he's OK.
  • Billy has a machine build the resonating chamber of a raptor, and blows into it to demonstrate. The look on Grant's face is priceless; it's clear that he has nightmares about that sound and it's enough to make your teeth curl.
    • Such a thing is even discussed in an earlier scene, where Grant talks his new theory over with Ellie.
      Grant: Do you remember the noises they made?
      Ellie: I try not to.
    • When they trap one raptor in the facility, it starts making a panicked, but consistent noise. Grant has a major Oh, Crap! moment, as he realizes his theory about raptor intelligence was on the money.
      Grant: It's calling for help.
  • The whole scene with the Pteranodons. The introduction was specially frightening. First, Paul crosses the foggy bridge before his son does and, once on the other side, calls for his son to cross over. Once Eric goes, Grant soon realizes that they're all in a "bird cage." Cue Eric alone on the foggy bridge as an ominous, tall, inhuman shadow appears in front of him. Then the screaming starts...
    • The shadow alone. The Pteranodon is surrounded by Ominous Fog and giving an impressively menacing stride in Eric's direction in a way that makes it look utterly unnatural. It's like what the Slender Man would look like if he were an animal!
    • Then we're led to believe that Billy was killed after being stabbed and pecked at by a pair of Pteranodons. The next scene then shows a terrified Grant looking into the glaring eyes of a third Pteranodon before running away.
    • Even worse is that the water starts turning red. The last time that happened in a Jurassic Park film, the results weren't pretty.
    • Eric was almost eaten alive by a large group of Pteranodon babies. All while on top of a small cliff. There was even a human skull found in the nest.
  • Amanda gets hit with a Peek-a-Boo Corpse—her boyfriend, no less.