Heartwarming / Jurassic Park III

  • The scene where Paul and Amanda reunite with their long, lost son, Eric. Really, the plot of them desperately trying to find their son and protect him until they get off the island.
  • How willing the velociraptors were in getting their eggs back, especially when compared to the other two movies' portrayal of them.
  • While many forget about him and the plot does involve First Father Wins, Amanda's boyfriend Ben was most decidedly not an Asshole Victim. He and Amanda were happy with each other and he was nice enough to not only invite Eric along with them on the vacation to Costa Rica, but also went through with the parasailing specifically on the chance to allow Eric to see some dinosaurs.
  • Grant conversing with Ellie's young son in the beginning, which is adorable once you remember that he used to hate kids before the events of the first movie.
    • The kid calling Grant, The Dinosaur Man showing that he has a bit of respect for Grant.
  • Ellie called in the marines, after nothing but a garbled call for help from Alan.
  • Grant's scene with Billy at the end of the film. Earlier, Grant had chewed him out severely after his curiosity provoked him to take a few raptor eggs. Afterwards, it looked like Billy had died saving Eric from the Pteranodons, and Grant couldn't help remembering the harsh last words he said to him. Against expectations, he gets a chance to make up.
    Billy: I rescued your hat.
  • Grant's Parting Words Regret concerning Billy leads into a heartfelt and memorable conversation with Eric, about the desire to see the things we devote our lives to studying, for real and up close. It really conveys how, for all the insanity Grant's been through in both this movie and the original, in his heart, he feels it's all been worth it. Cue the boat passing by a herd of Brachiosaurus, as John Williams's stirring theme plays. Just try watching that scene without your eyes moistening a little.
    Eric: You know something, Dr. Grant? Billy was right.
    [Grant just smiles]