WMG: Jurassic Park III

Billy dies soon after the end of the film
He's seen drinking directly from a stream while telling the Kirbys that Grant was probably headed for the coast. Anyone with even relatively little survival skills knows that this is the best way to kill yourself in the wild, and he almost definitely got sick on the way home or upon arrival. The massive amount of injuries he sustained almost certainly didn't help his condition.
Nash's Satellite Phone was Made of Indestructium and had nuclear batteries
Keep in mind: The Spinosaurus ate Nash, he chewed him, then he digested him. When they found the phone in a pile of poo, keep in mind that Nash bones weren't seen: A Phone, which is supposedly made of plastic, and a few pieces of metal and silicium, endures the bites, the acids and antacids better than BONES. Also, I don't know yours, but my cell phone battery doesn't last for a lot of time, mostly if it's receiving calls, and has a loud ringtone. The only explanation is, effectively, that it's really Made Of Indestructium.
  • Perhaps it's a Nokia?
The Pteranodons were made with bird DNA.
It's been a long time since I've seen the JP franchise, but IIRC, InGen used amphibian and reptile DNA as part of their dino reconstructions. Now obviously, they couldn't rely on reptiles and amphibians alone with the pterosaurs; after all, frogs and lizards can't fly.

Their solution? Simple, use the DNA of birds and mix those in with the pterosaur, amphibian and reptile DNA. Essentially, they had invoked All Flyers Are Birds.
  • While lizards and frogs can't fly, pterosaurs certainly could. Why did they need to introduce the DNA of other flying creatures to get the Pteranodon off the ground? Birds, bats and pterosaurs are the three flying vertebrates.
  • That's something I never considered. Perhaps instead, the bird DNA was added as a supplement or to make the pterosaurs live up to the expectations of park goers. Either way, bird DNA would be the perfect explanation for their decidedly birdlike behavior.
The raptors are going to start their own civilization at this rate.
And it will be glorious.

The T. rex that fights the spinosaurus was the injured baby from The Lost World: Jurassic Park.
This was actually confirmed by Joe Johnston. Don't worry, T. rex fans. You can cling to the idea that the Spino only killed a young rex with a possibly defective leg going back to its injury in the second movie.