Awesome: Jurassic Park III

  • In a deleted scene, Udesky fights off the Velociraptors himself with a tree branch before being overwhelmed and killed.
  • Dr. Grant kicked a Pteranodon in the face!
  • Billy's scene where he leaps off the cliff, and the "Dino-Soar" parachute opens above him. Also, most of the bits with the pteranodons.
  • Mr. Kirby was also very Badass when he challanged the Spinosaurus in order to lure it away from the others and into a trap.
  • Dr. Sattler called in the Marines!
  • When Eric saves Grant from a group of velociraptors.
  • The Spinosaurus in general is full of it, shrugging off being hit by a plane and most memorably crushing the T-rex in single combat.