Awesome: Jurassic Park III

  • In a deleted scene, Udesky fights off the Velociraptors himself with a tree branch before being overwhelmed and killed.
  • Dr. Grant kicked a Pteranodon in the face!
  • Billy's scene where he leaps off the cliff, and the "Dino-Soar" parachute opens above him. Also, most of the bits with the pteranodons.
  • Mr. Kirby was also very Badass when he challanged the Spinosaurus in order to lure it away from the others and into a trap.
  • Dr. Sattler called in the Marines!
  • When Eric saves Grant from a group of velociraptors.
  • The Spinosaurus in general is full of it, shrugging off being hit by a plane and most memorably crushing the T-rex in single combat.
  • The fact that Eric, a 12-year-old boy, spent eight weeks completely alone on an island full of dinosaurs, and not only managed to survive but actually seems to be doing quite well by the end of it. He doesn't seem to be starving or sick, and has apparently figured out both how to stay more or less out of the way of the dinosaurs and how to fend them off when he does run into them. Compare this to the adults, who don't even manage a day on the island without drawing the attention of a Spinosaurus, a T. rex and a whole bunch of Velociraptors.