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Headscratchers: Jurassic Park III
  • At the end of the movie, why wasn't anyone concerned that the Pterodactyls, who previously tried to eat them, were escaping from the island?
    • I don't think it was so much they didn't care, but there was nothing they could really do about it.
      • They could shoot them down.
      • They thought the door closed. They didn't see it open because they had already left, in a running fashion.
      • Considering the fact that there was an entire Marine carrier force already there and the original ending had US Marines fighting it out with the Spinosaurus it wouldn't be that hard to do it.
      • I wasn't aware of that original ending. Could you provide a link or something? It has piqued my interest.
      • Animal Protection Act. The marines must follows their country rules everywhere, and the Pterodactyls didn't attack them...
      • You can kill an animal no matter what it is if it is threatening or attacking people, which Pterodactyls obviously do in the film. This means you can have naval fighter jets dogfighting with pterodactyls over the ocean before they reach the mainland.
      • I would spill the blood of a DOZEN MEN to see that movie!!!
    • Wait, hold on. What I want to know is why make a big deal of the heroes leaving the aviary cage door open, and the dactyls escaping... when the second movie already showed dactyls flying freely in their habitat. The very last shot of The Lost World is a grandiose frame of one such critter perching on a tree and spreading its wings at the crescendo of music!
      • The birdcage was probably damaged somewhere that allowed the pteranodons to escape. Just because there are pteranodons inside the birdcage doesn't mean that all pteranodons are trapped inside the birdcage. The one we saw at the end of The Lost World could simply have been one of the free pteranodons. As to the question of why they didn't shoot down the pteranodons at the end of Jurassic Park III, what would be the point? Best case scenario, you may stop this handful of pteranodons from leaving the island, but what about all the other pteranodons on the island? The ones we saw flying away weren't all the pteranodons in Isla Sorna, and unless they're willing to commit resources to creating an active blockade around the island and shoot down anything that looks like it's leaving for an indefinite period of time, the unfortunate fact is that if flying dinosaurs can reach the mainland, flying dinosaurs are going to reach the mainland, this handful be damned. And if flying dinosaurs can't reach the mainland, then there's no point in bothering shooting them. Either way, attacking this flock would unnecessarily agitate them for no tangible gain whatsoever.
      • It seems reasonable to me that the pterosaurs were able to get in and out of the 'birdcage', hence the 'free' population, but many would choose to spend considerable time in there since it is a sheltered, protected environment and one purpose-built for them alone, which would be ideal for nesting and roosting in.
      • Domestic birds do often preffer to stay in bird cages as it's safe in them, so yes.
      • I'd like to point out that the Pteranodons only seemed to want to attack the group for instinctual reasons; the one that attacked Eric was a mother (or possibly a father) and simply wanted to feed her babies. The babies themselves, obviously, were just hungry and wanted to eat what their mom brought home for dinner. The rest of the flock seemed to be territorial, and simply trying to protect their turf.
      • I figured that leaving the cage open accidentally was the reason Billy managed to escape the Pteradons and survive.
    • The reigning theory among the Jurassic Park community is that these Pteranodon are exactly what Grant described In Gen's dinosaurs as: genetically-engineered monsters. For the Jurassic Park Encyclopedia project, they are considered a distinct species called Pteranodon hippocratesi, "wing-without-tooth hypocrite" to account for their morphological differences (even considering that they have inaccurate grasping talons). It's thought that these were a first attempt at cloning Pteranodon and failed for some reason (possibly contamination with other species, hence the teeth) and were locked up in the bird cage for being too aggressive while In Gen went on to create a more peaceful pterosaurs like those seen at the end of The Lost World. However, it's also speculated that the final scene of Isla Sorna in The Lost World may have been in Kelly's imagination, and therefore that the Pteranodon shown there doesn't actually exist. Years after both movies, the Telltale game was made—which is considered canon to the films—and a Pteranodon appeared on Isla Nublar which, indeed, was identical to the pterosaurs seen in Jurassic Park III.

  • The Spinosaurus [smashes its way through a fence made of rather thick steel. Shortly afterwards, it is stopped in its tracks by... wait for it... a wooden door. That's just... sense, I make... none at what. GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH
    • Maybe it had an adrenaline rush when smashing through the fence, then didn't calm down and start actually feeling the pain it just inflicted on itself until after they had shut the doors. Probably not what the filmmakers intended, but it kindasorta makes sense, and makes for an amusing mental image.
    • It's not wooden, and the fence wasn't very thick. Maybe the spikes, but the Spino avoided those.
    • The fence looks like it shatters into chunks fairly 'easily' (allowing for the size and power of the dino slamming into it, that is) to permit the spinosaur's passage, whereas the doors to the bunker appear a lot more solid and resistant, at first glance at least. Also, perhaps the fact it's an opaque barrier confuses the dinosaur: after all, it can see its targets through the fence, whereas to its limited brain they must have seemed to disappear into solid rock once the door closes.
    • If you take it on the levels of a T-rex, since it couldn't see or hear its prey, it decided it had escaped. Alternatively it decided "Well, screw this, they're just little snackettes; they're not worth this effort."

  • The Spinosaurus' fight with the T-Rex is settled (absurdly quickly, for one thing) when the Spinosaurus bites the T-Rex's neck...and then breaks it with nothing more than a downward flick of its head and a twist of one wrist. Did they spend all their budget on the awful CGI and didn't have enough for a prolonged fight? Because cranking the neck is an awful way to try and kill something of comparable size, and that's with humans. For something as jaw-and-neck reliant as a T-Rex, one would think the spine and neck muscles would be...y'know, tough. As it stands, it looked like the T-Rex could've killed itself without the Spinosaurus' help by eating a bit too enthusiastically.
    • Since the only reason the Spinosaurus was introduced in this movie was because the producers wanted a larger dinosaur than the T-Rex, a different dinosaur that would really shine, they had to make it clear to the audience that this is one badass creature no one would want to mess with. The best way to show that? Make the Spino kill the Rex in the most awesome way. And said way was to apparently snap the Rex´s neck. Realistic? No. But the Spinosaurus portrait in this movie is FAR from realistic since in real life the Rex would most likely have been the one to kill the Spino with ease since, like you said, they had tough jaws and the Spino was mainly a fish eater.
    • A Spinosaurus' wouldn't be able to move their arms the way they were shown in the movie. And not to mention that the large frill on their back that they get their name from is connected to their spines and is pretty fragile. The Spinosaurus fell at least once during his fight with the T. Rex and I'm pretty sure the spine hit the ground. It would have been paralyzed or dead from that. From what I hear the consultant for the dinosaurs believed the T. Rex was a scavenger and wanted to get his beliefs across via a fictional movie.
  • How did they find and save Billy? I can accept him SOMEHOW escaping the Pteranodons. But then he turns up on the plane; it took them the best part of the day to boat down that river, with dinosaurs all over the place! How'd he get found? This is one of the things that hits me worse than anything.
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