Nightmare Fuel: House of the Dead

For a series infamous for its narmy moments, it still has its creepy moments.

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  • The original House of the Dead has perhaps the creepiest atmosphere of the bunch, with less cartoonish-looking dismemberment of enemies compared to parts 2 and 3, and zombie designs in the early stages that don't look nearly as gimmicky as what comes later in the series, helping remind the player that these things used to be ordinary people. Their moans and screams also sound a lot less human in this one.
  • The zombies and bosses in the fourth game. Especially Justice. To elaborate, one of Justice's attacks involve grabbing you, and you have to shake the SMG fast in order to break free of his grasp or he will lick you For Massive Damage. The lovely close-up of his face, especially with that tongue... *shudder*
    • The Empress is a close second, being a gigantic yet very fast creature with dark blue skin and glowing red eyes on an otherwise featureless face, wielding a double-ended chainsaw it uses to cut apart the subway cars James and Kate are trapped on.
  • The arcade version of Zombie Sophie from the first can be really terrifying.
    • And in the second and fourth games, Zombie Goldman. While Narm in HotD2, he is terrifying in HotD4.
  • One of The Fool's attacks consists of him shaking up the cage and raining his meal, which is horribly mutilated corpses, down upon you. Most of which will damage you if you don't shoot them out of the way.
  • In Overkill's final chapter, not only is Varla's brain swapped out for that of Clement's mother, it's plainly visible from the back; not only is a good chunk of her scalp missing, so is part of her cranium!
  • At the end of 4's fourth chapter, Kate and James are treated to a view of the burning cityscape, implying that the Zombie Apocalypse this time around has reached catastrophic levels. Kate's Heroic BSOD is very much justified.
  • Meat Katie from Overkill, a mutated butcher who has transformed into a minotaur (with a steer skull for a face!) wielding a giant knife. Even more disturbing than the creature is its death, falling head first into its own meat grinder.
  • Also from Overkill, the Crawler, a giant, mantis-like mutant fought on top of a train. During the fight, it will hop off the train into the forest on either side. You'll look around, only to find it right next to you, ready to attack.
  • Almost every single one of the mutants are this, especially in Overkill, as they're the byproduct of the zombie serum having a weird reaction to them. The two strippers are some of the worst, as you know just hours before they were hot, but normal, girls. Now one is an obese monstrosity while the other is a gollum-like imp creature.