Manga / Tokko

A horror-actioner manga and 13-episode anime.

Ranmaru Shindo and his sister Saya are two survivors of the Machida massacre, an incident where almost the entire population of an apartment complex is bloodily slaughtered, including their parents.

Some time later, they graduate from the police academy, where Ranmaru becomes entangled with the shadowy organization known as Tokko, and begins to learn the truth behind the Machida massacre, as well as the meaning of the dreams that have been coming more and more frequently, featuring a topless woman wielding a bloody sword.

This series can be found on Netflix's "Watch Instantly" service. It has had several runs on SyFy's Ani-Monday block.

It's announced that a new manga called Tokko Zero will be published soon. It's unknown if it's a prequel or sequel.

This series contains examples of: