Mama Bear: Real Life

  • A mother who fought off a cougar with a towel.
  • Catherine de Medici could fit this trope, considering to what lengths she went to keep the crown on her son's head.
  • This mother from India.
  • A woman named Susanna Eastman/Wood/Swan took up a spit from a fireplace to defend her husband and children from Indian attack in colonial Massachusetts years after her first husband and children were killed by another Indian attack. She killed three of them who broke down her door in a single strike (they were lined up single file). She was never bothered again.
  • Kirsty MacColl died pushing her son out of the path of a speedboat.
  • Kristin Chenoweth is a Christian woman and actress with an open and accepting view of LGBT. Someone writes an article in Newsweek about how her co-star Sean Hayes is unbelievable and self-hating in his role as Cheno's lover interest in a musical, along with a young co-star on Glee she's worked with on that show and other pieces. Let's never piss off Cheno ever again with an article like that, can we? Because she is 4'11" of powerful and feisty and will always defend who she works with vigorously, no matter what their identity is.
  • A bizarre example, related to porn...Chi Chi LaRue, a gay porn director and Drag Queen called herself one when the stars of one of her films are being criticized.
  • A violent mother attacking an innocent reporter, or is it the reporter's fault? You decide?
  • Katherine of Aragon, the first of Henry VIII's six wives, refused to accept Henry's attempt to set her aside and annul their marriage partially because she was in love with her husband, but, she admitted, her main reason was because allowing him to do so would mean her daughter, Mary I, would be declared legally born out of wedlock and therefore unable to inherit the throne. By the end, she was reduced to living in near poverty because she refused to speak with anyone who did not address her as 'Queen,' and Henry VIII left her to rot in damp, unhealthy houses, and severed all contact between Katherine and Mary. Given that Katherine suffered six pregnancies (Mary was her fifth child) and only Mary survived infancy, it's no wonder.
  • Queen Boudica of the Iceni Celts went from Chieftan's widow to Lady of War when the Romans whipped her and gang raped her and her two young daughters. True, she was eventually defeated, but she made things difficult for the Romans for a while, and razed 3 of their largest cities to the ground (to the point where evidence of the fires can still be found by digging in parts of London, Colchester, and St. Albans today) and slaughtered 70 or 80 thousand of their inhabitants and the soldiers defending them in the process, taking time out to massacre the Ninth Legion, leaving only around five hundred survivors out of over two thousand. Nero, the emperor at the time, almost made the decision to abandon Britain during the crisis.
  • A Spanish woman was raped, and the rapist taunted her mother about it. Her response? She just calmly walks in, turns the rapist around, pours petrol all over him, lights a match, stares at the resulting inferno, and then just "turned and walked away."
  • Rukhsana Kauser was a Daughter Bear to her parents. When extortionists came to her parents house for the purpose of extorting - well - Rukhsana, from them, they refused and so the extortionists began hitting them with rifle butts. While they were busy doing this, Rukshana whacked one over the head with an ax and she and her brother grabbed their rifles and chased the extortionists away.
  • Margaret of Anjou was definitely this. While her husband, King Henry VI. of England, was suffering from mental instability which made him unable to rule and defend his crown from the House of York, she took things into her own hands and became the leader of the Lancastrian faction. She did this mostly to defend her underaged son Edward's birthright as the future king. She ended up defeating the Yorks at the second battle of St Albans, but was eventually forced into exile. After years of political scheming she returned to England with her son in order to support the Earl of Warwick's rebellion against the Yorkists. Tragically, she was defeated at the battle of Tewkesbury and 17-year-old Edward was killed. She herself was taken prisoner and later ransomed by King Louis XI. of France. In France she spent the last years of her life as a broken woman and died there.
  • Cherilyn Sarkisian aka Cher, too. Mama Cher does NOT like it when her female-to-male transsexual son Chaz Bono is harrassed, and used her twitter to defend him against "stupid bigots".
  • Anna Timofeevna Gagarina, mother of Yuri Gagarin. Getting between her and her children was not a good idea. During World War II, she verbally and almost physically bested an armed and considerably larger German soldier who attempted to hang youngest son Boris from a tree — needless to say he was quickly released to her. Apparently before Yuri's funeral, she demanded the casket be opened.
  • This Oklahoma woman.
  • Invoked in this article for an anti-child abuse site.
  • Deconstructed in this article.
  • Lauren Faust is like this towards her fans. More than one critic, troll, ect. has made the mistake of insulting them where she can see it, and gotten a "The Reason You Suck" Speech for their trouble.
  • In 1871, seven-year-old Mary Winchester was kidnapped by Burmese tribesmen. At this, the Lieutenant Governor of India sent guess who after them and persuaded them to release Mary in about three months. Queen Vicky considers hurting her subjects to be Serious Business.
  • An unidentified mother in Atlanta, Georgia shot the burglar five times!
  • Jeanne Manford, the founder of PFLAG, counted as this. After her son was arrested at Stonewall and the police told her, she stated she knew her son was gay and asked point blank why they were picking on him she marched with her son in many pride parades and talked to other parents of gays and lesbians, consoling them over their worries about what the neighbors would say. Watch Rachel Maddow explain.
  • This Syrian mother turned sniper after her children were killed under the Assad regime
  • This awesome mother who held a guy in a choke hold.
    • From the same site, this mother proves why nurses should rule the world.
    • The sister site has this mother.
  • Bears aren't the only animal mothers who will go berserk on something attacking their young. Zebras, elephants, orcas, grasshopper mice, and many other mammals will ferociously defend their young. Many birds-of-prey, magpies, and some songbirds will fight beak and talon to protect their chicks, especially the raptors. Even reptiles can be Mama Bears: crocodilians especially will viciously defend their young, and mother cobras and pythons remain with their eggs until they hatch and will put the hurt on any predator trying to eat them.
    • Even a Doe, a graceful animal that is otherwise so shy and easily spooked that it flees at the first sign of danger, is extremely protective of her fawns, and will not hesitate to fight, chase you down and stomp you if you dare to get too close to them—that their hooves are sharp enough to leave gashes and their legs strong enough to crack bones won't help your case. And they are very fast, so if they hear their fawn wailing for help or see them in trouble, they'll be there on a seconds notice. Fortunately, they're kind enough to warn you if you start getting too close, by angrily stomping and snorting, and if their fawns are old enough to keep up with them, they'll usually opt to run off with them in tow instead.
    • Probably the most tragic of natural world mama bears is the octopus; the mother octopus keeps herself in her nest with her multitude of eggs for months, making sure they're clean and keeping them safe from predators. During this time, she never sleeps and never leaves for any reason. Not even eating. In fact, it's been observed that mother octopods will eat their own tentacles before they leave their eggs defenseless. By the time the eggs hatch and the babies leave, the mother octopus is so exhausted that she either dies of starvation or is eaten by predators.
    • Queen Cats and Bitch Dogs also fits this because they don't take kindly to anyone who gets too close of their litters, including the father of the litter, even if they're fostering another. When it comes to guarding, a bitch dog is often used for personal safety due to their maternal instincts since they often viewed their human family as their own.
    • If a female spider doesn't die after laying her eggs, she guards the egg sac, and regardless of species, instantly becomes ill-tempered and ready to bite any intruder. Even the normally docile black widow can become aggressive while she's protecting her eggs. This is taken even further by the wolf spiders, who carry their eggs on their back, and even take care of the hatchling spiders afterward.
    • Even way back when in the prehistoric times there were plenty of dinosaurs that qualified. Oviraptors in particular are now famous for this trope. And woe betide any predator that was stupid enough to go after a baby Tyrannosaurus rex...
      • And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree; as stated above, birds are well known for being extremely protective of their young. Mess with the nest of a mockingbird or goose and may God have mercy on your soul.
      • Inverted with the dinosaur's winged cousins, the pterosaurs; for a long time, scientists thought that pterosaurs would have nested very much like birds and reared their young like them too. Now it's known, however, that pterosaurs mostly just laid their eggs and were done with them. Wasn't much of a problem for the young, though, as baby pterosaurs (called "flaplings") were capable of flight shortly after birth.
  • An Inuit woman was able to fight a polar bear to protect her son and his friends. The woman survived the attack too!
    • That article also mentions a woman who faced a blazing house fire to rescue 2 young girls at risk for her own life.
  • Escape this mother? Yeah dude, not gonna happen.
  • A Texas mom was carjacked with her two young boys in the backseat. The second that the scumbag threatened her kids at knifepoint, she decided to run her car into a pole, disorienting him. At that point, she disarmed him, punched him in the jaw, and then when he tried to escape, she nailed him with the car so he couldn't do it to anyone else. Bad. Ass. Don't mess with Texas, indeed.
  • This lady's two young sons were allegedly molested by a community coach. So what did she do? She beat the everloving crap out of him with a baseball bat.
  • Supermodel Heidi Klum, who saved her son and his nannies from drowning when they were caught in a riptide. In interviews afterwards, she downplayed her heroics and stated that she did what any mother would have done.
  • Charlotte Laws. When her daughter Kayla found out from a friend that a revealing photo had been posted on a 'revenge porn' website, Laws - a former detective - responded with the Operation No Moore campaign (named after the site's founder, Hunter Moore). Even repeated rape and death threats didn't stop her. As she herself says, "They messed with the wrong mother."
  • Don't You Dare Insult the children of Michelle Pritchett because it will result in a WWE-Style smack down if you do. Just ask Oklahoma Sooners fan, Michael Connolly, found out... the hard way at the Sugar Bowl in 2014.
  • In the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, the rabbi Gavriel Holzberg and his wife Rizka were among the casualities. The family's nanny, Sandra Samuel, managed to grab the couple's 2-year-old son Moshe and run away from the terrorists, saving both the kid and herself.