Wipe The Floor With You

One character grabs and drags another character against the floor or wall. Alternatively, it can be done by holding a character against the side of a fast moving object.

Compare What a Drag for when this is done when the victim is pulled by a fast moving object, and Body Sled when the victim is used as a surfboard for this. See Bar Slide when the person is specifically dragged over a drinking bar counter.


Anime and Manga
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Roa does this to Louis Armstrong.
  • In Hellsing, Seras uses her Super Speed to kill Zorin by grinding her face against the wall.
  • During Ichigo and Ulquiorra's battle in the Bleach anime, Ichigo's Super-Powered Evil Side does this to Ulquiorra, smashing his head into a wall.
  • Fairy Tail: During their climactic battle, Gajeel grabs Natsu with his extendable iron arm and proceeds to grind his face across the floor.

  • In Constantine, when the devil finally gets Constantine's soul he makes his exit from the room by dragging him by the feet through a pool of his own blood.
  • In Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man essentially does this by holding Sandman's face next to a moving subway.
  • During the train fight sequence from the Tollywood movie Pokiri, the Badass protagonist played by Mahesh Babu does this to one of the three bad guys on the train.

Live-Action TV

Video Games

Web Animation
  • In Dead Fantasy 2, Tifa does this to Kasumi while they're running down the side of a building, and then runs her through several stone pillars for good measure.
  • Done in Super Mario Bros. Z when Yoshi Ground Pounds Metal Sonic as he skids along the ground.

  • Used inn an early appearance of an arc villain in Geist Panik, when he drags an unfortunate victim's face against a brick wall. The attack is fatal. The perpetrator laments his lack of an iPod, since he feels that playing some Rammstein would make the act much more badass.
  • Naturally Karate Bears would do this.