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Major World Cities
The major cities of the world and their appearances in fiction. This page is inspired by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network. Expect some of these to show up in a World Tour.

Alpha World Cities ++ The percentage of works of fiction that take place in one of these cities is in the double digits.
  • New York City, USA. The Big Applesauce itself. And to think it was bought for only 14 bucks - nowadays that's not even enough for a cab ride.
  • London, UK. The most important city in the British Commonwealth and the biggest city in the European Union. And if NYC is the Big Applesauce, this place is the Big... Smoke. Hmm.
Alpha World Cities + Note that the above link has Los Angeles rated as an "Alpha World City" - it's listed here because it punches that much higher above its weight class in media.

Alpha World Cities
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Yep, the city bold enough to have 3 Xs on its flag.
  • Brussels, Belgium. Home of sprouts and peeing boys. Be careful what language you speak over there. Just. [[Punchuated for Emphasis be.]] [[Punchuated for Emphasis careful.]]
  • Chicago, USA. The Second (now Third) City of the United States. The Windy City with no Pity (for Meatproducts) has great pizza, house music, and tall buildings.
  • Frankfurt, Germany. Yes, the home of the hot dog. This is one of Europe's biggest and most modern cities, with high-risers and autobahn exchanges.
  • Mumbai, India Aah, our unofficial second capital of India. The jewel of the Arabian Sea is home of the Taj Mahal Hotel, the Gateway of India, and of course, Bollywood.
  • Milan, Italy What else can I say? The little nub on Europe's Blue Banana is the capital of fashion in the world, in addition to furniture.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This little metropolis on the Klang River is the capital of Malaysia! Of course, it's home to the tallest 2 towers in the worldd, Petronas Twin Towers.
  • Madrid, Spain Aw, the capital of Spain, and home of tree-shaking bears.
  • Mexico City, Mexico So this is the cactus on a rock! Yes, this largest city in North America was once the capital of the Aztex Empire. Now it's capital of Mexico!
  • Moscow, Russia Cold. So cold. Yes, this is the most northern and coldest metropolis in the world. Home of the St. Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin.
  • São Paulo, Brazil Yes, the other city in Brazil. The biggest city in the Americas, and a land of uncontrollabe weather.
  • Toronto, Canada The largest city in Canada, Eh?

Alpha World Cities -

Beta World Cities +

Beta World Cities

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Gamma World Cities +

Gamma World Cities

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