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Effeminate Misogynistic Guy
aka: Effeminate Misogynist
Conforming neither to tradition nor to modern taboos against overt misogyny, this guy's odd combination of feminine style and contempt for women puts him into an especially unusual position. Maybe some of his feminine traits might happen to have been a disadvantage to dating. Maybe he's just jealous that women wouldn't be considered as strange for similar mannerisms or lifestyles to his, perhaps wishing he were female instead as a result. Maybe he's insecure about his own lack of manliness, and seeing the traits he doesn't like in himself embodied in women brings out his inner resentment. Whatever the reason, he hates women while simultaneously acting in ways that are stereotypically associated with them.

Such characters will generally be villains (or at least generally more often than tomboyish girls who happen to have contempt for males, perhaps partly because women diverging from gender norms is relatively more embraced), and represent an intersection of Politically Incorrect Villain and Sissy Villain. However, some portrayals may nevertheless be more sympathetic, and make him an intersection of Noble Bigot and Real Men Wear Pink.

A subtrope of He-Man Woman Hater. Compare/contrast with Female Misogynist (as a subset of Boomerang Bigot), who have a similar issue, but the contradiction is more immediately obvious in that case, as opposed to an effeminate misogynistic guy who could instead have stereotypes about women that aren't the same as the gender stereotypes of the setting in which he's presented.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Yurimaru from Ninja Scroll seems pretty contemptous of women. He is gay, but also very effeminate.
  • From the Lupin III franchise:
  • Yuda from Fist of the North Star could count as a valid example: He's extremely effeminate and treats his harem as dolls.
  • Deak Slathky from Black Cat is a woman-hating Serial Killer. He's also one of the most Bishōnen characters in the cast, to the point of Viewer Gender Confusion.
  • Jakotsu from InuYasha dresses like a woman, has a female voice actor on both sides of the Pacific, is Camp Gay, and is contemptuous of his female opponents.
  • Red Ribbon's General Blue (all but implied to be gay) in Dragon Ball.
  • Akito from Fruits Basket comes across this way, until it is revealed that Akito is actually a woman. Her misogyny comes partly from her terrible relationship with her mother, who forced her into crossdressing merely because she was deathly jealous of Akito's father adoration for their daughter, and partly from her utterl bitterness at not being allowed to live as her birth gender. After the very girlish Tohru helps her have a Heel-Face Turn, Akito acknowledges how screwed up this was (and the consequences), and by the end she both wears more feminine clothes and is coming to terms with herself.
  • Vincent from Pandora Hearts absolutely hates women, citing them as weak and superficial and claiming that he only has to sleep with them in order to bend them to his will. His misogyny may very well stem from his hatred of his mother, who abandoned him and Gil because of his heterochromia, and Miranda Barma, who lied to him about how he could save his brother and then used him to cause the Tragedy of Sablier, a betrayal which still traumatizes him.
  • The Villain Protagonist Serial Killer Light Yagami of Death Note repeatedly expresses his opinions on the uselessness of women, particularly his girlfriend Misa, who continues to ignore his rebuffing of her affections and the fact that he's using her to get away with murder. However, Light himself possesses a weirdly effeminate demeanor, with a special mention to the lovely pink butterfly belt he wears in the first opening sequence.
  • Clair Leonelli from Heat Guy J is a more subtle example of this trope. He's a small, slender, physically-unimposing Bishounen who also is in charge of the only organization in the series to contain absolutely no women, and he once disparages Daisuke for having to be saved by a woman on one occasion. On a more metatextual level, there's also the fact that his birthday coincides with Hinamatsuri, a festival associated with women and girls; but at the same time his own mother died giving birth to him.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Pavi Largo from Repo! The Genetic Opera is a woman-hating rapist, but he wears the face of a woman he killed and is generally effeminate.
  • Buffalo Bill in both the film and novel of Silence of the Lambs. It's carefully established that he isn't a "true" transsexual, and several gender reassignment centres have turned him away; rather, he's obsessed with his dead mother and suffering from a vicious case of I Just Want to Be You. On the other hand, he's a large, gruff man who has to "put on" an effeminate guise, which doesn't come at all naturally to him.
  • Lane, the teen who spearheads the cover-up of John killing his girlfriend in River's Edge, has a hint of this.

  • The Countess in book/movie Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.
  • Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs; see Film above.
  • Kay Brightmore from Doctrine of Labyrinths is a weepy gay soldier who clearly views women as naturally subordinate to men (as evidenced by his decision to arrange his unwilling sister's marriage) and repeatedly chides himself for "womanish" behavior.
  • Lestat of The Vampire Chronicles. Although he loves fancy clothes and fine surroundings, displays languid body language, and describes himself as a "mother" in making Claudia, he's "astonished" that a woman could have thoughts like Gabrielle's, underestimates Claudia's intellect and will, rapes a woman who tries to help him, describes women in general as "terrifying," and agrees with Memnoch that angels, despite being technically sexless, are "more male than female."

    Live-Action TV 
  • Lionel Trane (a gay, activist teen) from United States Of Tara was so misogynistic that he made other, more mature and secure gay characters uncomfortable.
  • Jack from Will and Grace DID occasionally have elements of this (and Het Is Ew), but it varied from episode to episode due to Rule of Funny.


    Pro Wrestling 
  • Shooter Storm, whom New Jack claims is this way because Storm's mother only gave birth to half of him. Shooter Storm has an affinity for bright colors, an aversion to bruising and is out to destroy women's wrestling, one division at a time, demonstrated when he defeated Jillian Hall for the PWX Women's Championship and renamed it the United States Championship.

    Video Games 
  • Street Fighter II has Vega, a narcissistic effeminate matador who seemingly regards women with contempt and disdain. He wears purple eyeliner, nail polish, and what appears to be lip gloss. In the dubs, he tends to speak in a soft somewhat feminine tone. For years, gamers thought Vega was a misogynistic gay guy, until Capcom stepped forward and stated Vega was not gay, but a narcissist. They even had him take an interest in Cammy's beauty in Alpha (so to speak) as a way of showing this.
  • Persona 4 presents Kanji's Shadow this way, a guy initially clad only in a fundoshi (who later transforms into a muscle-bound titan with a head of roses wielding Mars symbols as weapons) who speaks with an obvious "gay accent." He tells Kanji that he hates girls, because they always gossip and taunt him about his feminine interests, and then says he finds comfort in men. As the Shadow is supposed to be everything the individual hates about themselves, Kanji does not take this monologue kindly.

    Web Original 
  • Omega Zell from Noob slips into this by being both Ambiguously Gay and misogynist.
  • HIM, from We Are the Strange, is a pink guy who looks like he's wearing lipstick while smacking around a woman at his strip club and stating that women are "mere tools" of pleasure for him.
  • Played with by The Nostalgia Critic. Vain, subby and girly, he's a feminist who nevertheless likes to occasionally poke female tempers so he can get dommed or at least slapped around.
  • Patrick Wells from The War Comms is an overblown parody of this trope, constantly whining about how all girls are "stupid" and "icky" despite taking pride in being so femmy himself.

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