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Jewel Kingdom
You will find it if you try,
High above the mountains in the sky.
— Theme song from the movie

The Jewel Kingdom series by Jahnna N. Malcolm is about a group of four princess sisters who are each given a quarter of the Utopia Jewel Kingdom to rule. Armed with Checkhov's Guns, every known variety of mentor in animal form, and glittery gemstones, the girls, ranging from age 10 to 8, become the Jewel Princesses.

Like all fairy tales, there is a dark side, Lord Bleak, Has a daughter, who seems to be Roxanne's Evil Counterpart and is usually the main villain.

Has a film.

    Books in the series 
  1. The Ruby Princess Runs Away
  2. The Sapphire Princess Meets a Monster
  3. The Emerald Princess Play a Trick
  4. The Diamond Princess Saves the Day
  5. The Ruby Princess Sees a Ghost
  6. The Sapphire Princess Hunts for Treasure
  7. The Emerald Princess Finds a Fairy
  8. The Diamond Princess and the Magic Ball
  9. The Ruby Princess and the Baby Dragon
  10. The Sapphire Princess Helps a Mermaid
  11. The Emerald Princess Follows a Unicorn
  12. The Diamond Princess Steps Through Her Mirror
  13. The Jewel Princesses and the Missing Crown

This series contains examples of the following tropes: