Heartwarming: Kage

  • Everyone, even Hak Foo and the Enforcers, trying to stop Jade from being dragged away by her own shadow.
  • Jade choosing to let herself be sucked in so her family wouldnít be.
  • When Elyon realizes that she nearly killed Jade, she feels sorry about it.
  • Mirandaís love for Cedric.
  • Jade showing honest concern for Miranda when Nerissa zaps her.
  • Raythor initially refusing to allow Jade to join the Knights.
  • Jade begins to realize that she may be more evil than she thinks when she recalls the time she killed Shendu. However, not only Raythor takes this idea out of her mind, explaining her that sometimes there are no options but to kill your enemy, but he also says that Jade is much more noble and nicer than the rest of the Knights. This makes Jade to feel MUCH better (and the Queen much worse, as itís a major setback for the Queen in her quest to gain control of Jade).
    • In fact, the Queen says that Jade likes Raythor enough that itís comparable to the regard she has for her family, and the Queen canít twist Jadeís feelings toward them into hate because of that.
    • Heck, that entire scene was one big CMOH.
  • Jade's Pet the Dog moment with Sniffer and Tracker.
  • Jade volunteering to watch over Miranda while the girl recovers from the battle.
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