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Awesome: Kage
  • It doubles as a CMOH and a Tearjerker, but Jade willingly sacrificing herself to keep her family and friends from being dragged through her shadow with her was a pretty awesome moment.
  • Jade managing to outrun the Guardians and Caleb for a while.
  • The Queen taking over Jade’s body and nearly defeating Caleb and the Guardians before Jade regained control.
  • Jade glaring at Aldarn and saying that neither Elyon nor her lapdogs deserve her respect.
  • Jade being Genre Savvy enough to give Nerissa a fake name.
  • Jade pulling a Stealth Hi/Bye on Nerissa and Miranda after escaping being crushed by rocks. Also a CMOF.
    • Right after that, she came up with a reasonable excuse as to why she didn’t use her Casting a Shadow powers to escape on her own.
  • Jade’s performance during the operation to capture Tynar was pure this. Heck, not only was Jade surprised at her abilities, even Miranda, who’d been antagonizing Jade since they met, was forced to admit that it wasn’t bad.
    • Likewise, her performance during the operation to capture Vathek. She manages to keep Hay Lin and Irma too busy dodging a rain of shuriken to be able to actually fight.
    • She then gets a Cool Sword (a katana to be specific) courtesy of the Queen, to escape Cornelia's out of control vines.
  • Chapter 9, like the last couple chapters, is full of these:
    • It's also a CMOH, but Raythor reassuring Jade, derailing the Queen's Grand Theft Me plan (at least for a while).
    • Elyon getting some formal training in using her powers, and successfully opening a fold to her desired destination on the first try.
    • Jade managing to get Tracker of all beings to be civil with her after she gave Sniffer some food.
    • Jade giving Will a "The Reason You Suck" Speech over framing Raythor as a traitor (even saying that the Guardians aren't truly heroes), before pinning her down with a sneak attack.
      • Blunk also gets a moment for freeing Tynar and Vathek without Jade noticing, allowing them to rescue Will.
    • Cornelia creating a huge rose, sending Miranda flying in the process.
    • Jade using her suit-flaps to glide and free Raythor's sword from a vine.
    • Jade being Dangerously Genre Savvy and realizing Nerissa is letting them off easy for some reason after Nerissa subverts the usual villain You Have Failed Me routine.
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