Funny / Kage

To Become a Shadow, and Arrival
  • Jade nearly goes Angrish as she tries to get through the shadow portal.
  • Jade’s reaction to finding herself in Meridian.
    "Uh oh. Houston, I think we have a problem."

A is for Animosity and Anonymous
  • Jade thinks that Taranee’s Guardian hairstyle is ridiculous.
  • Jade asks W.I.T.C.H. if they are the "Fairy Sorcerers". They're slightly surprised.
    • After Will announces to Jade that they're W.I.T.C.H., Jade asks if that's not the same as being a sorceress. Irma's response?
    "We are not real witches. It's just the name of our group. Seriously, how dense can a bad guy be?"
  • When Jade wakes up and sees the ninja uniform covering her, she briefly thinks that she was undressed while she was asleep. She loudly and furiously calls Aldarn and the three Guards escorting her perverts.
    Jade: *whispering* You... you took my clothes? And saw me naked?
    Aldarn (to the Guards): *surprised* You did that?
    One of the Guards: *embarrased at the implication* Of course not! It was those shadows that did that, too!
  • Jade pulls a Stealth Hi/Bye on Nerissa and Miranda after escaping being crushed by rocks. It's also a CMOA.
  • Jade talks in her sleep while jabbing the air with her fists. Apparently she was beating up Drago. The watching Miranda is confused.
  • Jade's first meeting with the Tracker turns into one.
    • When Sniffer sniffs the sleeping Jade's face, she mistakes him for Scruffy.
    • After Jade screams upon seeing Tracker's face (and close up no less), Raythor rushes to the cave. He's surprised to see Tracker holding Jade in air with one hand, Jade struggling in his grip and repeatedly yelling him to let go of her, and Sniffer barking his warnings below her.
    • After Tracker finally releases his grip (without warning) and lets Jade fall hard on the ground, she has one more thing to say:
      • And she gets away with that insult!
  • Nerissa dismisses Raythor's concern that Frost would be stupid enough to try and fight the Guardians on his own, but after she uses a tracking spell to pinpoint Frost's location, she sees him doing exactly that!
    Nerissa: *in a deadpan tone* Then again, maybe he is that stupid. *Jade snickers*

B is for Betrayal and Beware
  • When the Knights leave the cave by riding on Gargoyle's back, Jade exclaims like she was in a roller coaster ride. The other riders are slightly exasperated.
    Frost: Kids these days.
  • When Frost claims that they can successfully storm the castle just like that, all the others stare at him, looking dumbfounded.
    Frost: *slightly embarrased by the stares* What?
  • When the Knights (except Gargoyle and Sandpit) are walking through the woods, they are getting irritated by a bored Jade's whistling. After they miss out the sky turning purple (a sign of the lowering of the Veil) when Jade spots it, we get this exchange:
    Frost: Great, false alarm. We got so worked up because of a child's imagination.
    Jade: *glares at him* Hey, I saw the sky turning purple. It was no imagination on my part.
    Frost: So you say. You must have being daydreaming or something.
    Jade: *smirks* That's funny coming from you. Who has been sleeping on his mount during half the trip?
    Frost: Why you little...
    Raythor: THAT'S ENOUGH!
    • After they resume their march, Jade asks if anyone knows good jokes. Everyone (except Raythor) responds with a pointed look. Jade wisely drops the issue.
  • When Blunk is caught by the Oracle "loaning" stuff from Kandrakar, he tries to bribe him. Himerish finds this amusingly refreshing since no-one has tried to bribe him ever before during his time as the Oracle.
  • During the fight in the ravine, Blunk is very scared of Jade. Jade notices this and says softly "Buh". Blunk immediately panics completely and runs away screaming.
  • How Jade reacts to the giant rose Cornelia creates to defeat the Knights (when she's hanging from the stem no less)?

C is for Changes that Corrupt
  • The Queen ominously threatens Jade... and realizes that the effort is wasted by the fact that Jade is sleeping.
  • When Nerissa announces that Jade shall accompany Miranda on the mission to the Earth, Sandpit (who is clearly eager to participate) lets his sand body to fall, as if to say "Aaaawwww!".
  • When Jade and Miranda enter Heatherfield through a fold, they crash on several trash canisters and end up with the contents all over them.
  • When Caleb leaves Blunk to oversee preparations for the incoming court, the Passling makes a "booboo".
  • When Miranda enters Sheffield Institute, with Jade hiding in her shadow, they end up discussing in whispering tone about trust. Eventually Jade turns Miranda's own words against her: she asks that if she can't trust anything Miranda says, should she trust the shapeshifter's word of the foolishness of trusting, or not trust it and end up trusting her after all. Miranda asks "what" in her normal tone. Then she loudly argues with Jade, catching the attention of the surrounding students. She even growls, scaring the students to avoid her.
  • Blunk falls asleep during a monotonous case during the court. He snores while standing, until he falls.
  • When Miranda waits for Jade's return, she turns around to meet Jade's face right in front of her. They are both startled and jump back.
    • This is followed by Miranda falling for the taste of a burger. She quickly devours it as the amused Jade watches. After eating it, she licks her fingers.