Heartwarming / Echo Chamber

Season 1

Episode 4: Dumbass Has a Point

Episode 10: Mysterious Employer

Season 2

Episode 1: Always Someone Better

  • Tom and Dana actually smile and highfive after coming out of the elevator, talking about how they've actually come closer to gaining approval from the Administrator. Seeing them get along like that, if only briefly, is always heartwarming.

Episode 2: The Ace

Episode 6: Forgotten Birthday

Episode 9: My Beloved Smother

  • Gaelyn trying to convince Zack and Dave to move in with her to get away from their father. The girl barely knows the two and she's willing to take them in. Awww...

Episode 10: Broken Ace

  • Dana: So... I'll be here for you whenever I can.
    Tom: You mean "for the show?"
    Dana: That, too.

Episode 11: Coming-of-Age Story

  • Gaelyn kisses Zack. He admits it made him "feel tingly."
    • Tingly in his pants.
  • This part is funny, and also kinda sweet:
    Dana: You used to be a talentless asshole, and now you're... an asshole.
    Tom: (laughs)