YMMV: Echo Chamber

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The revamped theme music for the Noir Episode.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Gaelyn
    • Mr. Administrator
  • Genius Bonus: The cat that Tom talks about (in the box that may be dead or alive) is a reference to Schrödinger's Cat.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Everyone calls Zack fat, but he clearly isn't.
  • Ho Yay: In episode 8, though it was unintentional on the characters' part:
    Dana: Tom, find someone else. Date... someone else. Sleep with anyone else.
    Zack: Not it!
    • Also, from an in-character interview:
    Zack: The Tom puppet is one of my favorite puppets, I put my hand in him all the time.
  • Internet Backdraft: The teaser trailer for season 3 was advertised as "a grave announcement" on This Very Wiki. Given certain changes to the website's policy, many tropers feared a complete shutdown of the wiki... only to find an Alternate Reality Game. Comments about the administrators, their weight, their mothers and their ability to run a wiki were made, only for comments to suddenly require uploader approval. Remember, No Real Life Examples, Please!
    • The fact that the advertisement closely resembled a PM notification didn't help matters, although that particular issue was remedied by the following day (and the word "grave" edited out).
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Pretty much every male character on the show has feelings for Dana.
    • Except the adults, of course, and as of episode 2.11, Zack.
  • Rewatch Bonus: After Mr. Administrator's true intentions were revealed, it can clearly be seen that it was what he was trying to do the whole two seasons.
  • What an Idiot: One could easily lose track of the ways Tom dooms his relationship with Porn Girl.
  • The Untwist: Oh, shock. Surprise. Mr. Administrator also admins for The Other Wiki.
  • The Woobie: Pretty much the entire main cast.
    • Zack.
    "I come in here sometimes to cry."
    • And his revelation that he feels that pretty girls he likes won't like him.
    • Tom is a Jerkass Woobie. While he is an ass to everyone, and his excuse for being so is... weak, when he actually admits why he struggles, he shows a scared side. Especially obvious in Romantic False Lead when Tom's reasons for loving Porn Girl is that she doesn't threaten, scare or hurt him.
    • Gaelyn. She has a crush on Zack, and he completely misses the point and thinks they should be best friends. You can tell she's a bit disappointed.
    • Dave at the end of S2E2. He thought Gaelyn's message for Zack was for him. Cut to him standing outside, waiting for her with flowers, looking very disappointed. Aww.
    • Dana counts as a Jerkass Woobie due to the Forgotten Birthday episode. Poor girl couldn't catch a break.
    • 2x12: Mind Screw reveals our Mr. Administrator to be a Jerkass Woobie. He pushes Tom and the others so hard to make the videos right so Administrator Prime won't kill him.