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Funny: The Magic School Bus
  • Ralphie's robot misinterpreting the term "Cool it" in "Flexes Its Muscles".
  • Arnold dinging in "Makes a Rainbow". It Makes Sense in Context, we promise.
  • From Inside Ralphie, Liz tries the standard shake him, and "use an alarm clock" tactics to wake up Ralphie to no avail. Her next method: using a GONG!
  • From "The Busasaurus":
    Ms. Frizzle: You know, this would be the perfect opportunity to study the digestive system of a T. Rex!
    Class: Ms. Frizzle! Do something!
    • The class is not amused.
  • Arnold Stating the Simple Solution to DA losing her books in Blows Its Top.
    Arnold: Wouldn't it be easier to go to a book store?
  • Phoebe's old school is actually labelled as such on screen.
  • Pretty much any time the baker (voiced by Dom De Luise) appears onscreen in "Gets Ready, Set, Dough."
    Baker: NO!! NO, I'M NOT CRAZY!! Perhaps my establishment just happens to attract a higher breed of moth, that's all.
  • Want to sum up the show in two lines?
    Arnold: As long as we don't get blasted, roasted, toasted, or eaten, I'm happy.
    Ms. Frizzle: Oh don't worry Arnold. That's not until next week.
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