Funny / Liberty's Kids

This show has its fair share of funny moments, but most likely because the network required some to keep it child-friendly enough.
  • Sarah and James pretend to be engaged to get out of James being press-ganged. It is as full of Ship Tease as that implies.
  • This exchange between James and Henri outside the Congress building:
    Henri: Sam Adams kicked the bucket!
    James: Sam Adams is dead?!
    Henri: No, he kicked my bucket! Water everywhere! Ugh, what a mess!
  • All of Lafayette's arrival.
    • When inside of Ben Franklin's workshop, Lafayette looks around. This happens.
    Lafayette: Henri, you said you would take us to the Continental Congress!
    Henri: I said I could take you to the Continental Congress.
    • When James and Sarah meet Lafayette and De-Kalb:
    Sarah: [obviously awed by the presence of noblemen] A baron and a marquis!
    Sarah: [kicks James in the shin]
    • This bit:
    Sarah: Marquis, please, tell us of your trip here.
    Lafayette: There is nothing to tell, and I must go.
    Baron De-Kalb: Nothing to tell?! He dressed as a woman to sneak out of France!
    Lafayette: (Awkwardly) I was wearing a merchant's cloak.
    • Later on:
    Lafayette (Narrating): That night, properly disguised–
    Baron De-Kalb (Interrupting the story): Dressed! AS A VOOMAN! (Laughs)
    Lafayette: (Talking to George Washington) And then finally, I sneaked out wearing a wig and a dress!
    • Gets a laugh out of George Washington himself.
  • After The Reveal about Henri's backstory, tension is obviously high, especially for Sarah. After Henri's installation at Benjamin Franklin's shop is discussed, Henri remarks that Mr. Franklin did something bad. Sarah, obviously expecting something horrific, asks what. Henri proceeds to reveal that it was Franklin's insistence on him learning to read in both French and English.
  • During one of the Now & Then segments:
    Sarah: Mr. Shark, you are so uncivilized!
  • After Lafayette rejects an invitation to join the Conway Cabal, he begins to rant to Moses and Sarah about it, only to suddenly realize that they had shown up quite unexpectedly.
    Lafayette: What are you doing here?
  • Henri is made an army drummer in exchange for his agreement to keep his clothes on despite the summer heat. He then proceeds to annoy Sarah and Lafayette with his drum until the latter throws him, drum and all, out of the tent.