Heartwarming / Liberty's Kids

There are several Crowning Moments of Heartwarming in the show Liberty's Kids. Among them are:

  • The orphaned James's giving up of his mother's wedding ring, the only remembrance he has of his late parents, to make Sarah a new locket after her old one was lost, always makes this troper's heart melt. Just goes to show that despite her being a Loyalist and he being a Patriot, he truly cares for her!
    "It is the greatest gift I have ever received!"
  • In the scene where they discuss Henry's backstory, James and Moses explain that to get Henri off the ship he was stuck on, they hid him in the box that originally contained the printing press parts they ordered. James mentions that it took them weeks to reorder the parts before ruffling Henri's hair and jokingly stating "I'm still not sure if it was a good trade." Henri is laughing through the entire exchange and it completely feels like 2 brothers playfully messing with each other.
  • Sarah's reunion with her long-lost father in "The New Frontier". Now much scragglier and with whiskers. Queue the Manly Tears as they embrace for the first time in years (quite a lot, considering the time period the show takes place over).
  • Also in The Intolerable Acts, after escaping from the redcoats, James thanks Sarah for covering for them... and then gives her his coat. Cue the fangirl squees.
  • Washington truly did consider his staff to be his family, and was especially paternal toward Lafayette and his aides-de-camp. This makes the scene where he promises Alexander Hamilton that he'll be treated like family especially touching (too bad Hamilton resented Washington's paternal nature due to his own issues).
  • The Marquis de Lafayette has a couple excellent moments, thanks to him being involved in two father/son relationships.
    • In his first episode "Lafayette Arrives", Lafayette fights in the Battle of Brandywine, which the Americans lose. When Washington goes looking for him and finds that he's been shot in the leg, Washington calls his personal surgeon over.
      Washington: Treat him as if he were my son.
      • This one is doubly awesome because it happened in real life too.
    • He gets another one in "Valley Forge." Before he's supposed to leave to attack the British in Canada, General Gates tries to win him over and turn him against Washington. Lafayette promptly gives a toast to the general, tells Gates and Conway where they can shove it, and goes straight to Washington to warn him about it. The fact that he already knew does nothing to detract from this. This also happened in real life.
    • When France finally decides to side with the Americans, he and Washington share a Man Hug.
    • Lafayette's Crowning Moment comes in the penultimate episode "Going Home", early in which Henri overhears Lafayette telling Moses that he will be returning to France after one final visit to George Washington. Very upset at this, Henri runs out and tries to avoid Lafayette for the rest of the episode. A brief chase happens near the end where Lafayette follows Henri into the barn where he is hiding.
      Lafayette: Henri? I hope you are in here and can hear me: it caused me great pain to say goodbye to George Washington. I do not want you to feel that kind of pain! I want to take you to France! You can live with me there and help me tell the world of this amazing new thing called Liberty!
      • Hearing no response, a deeply saddened Lafayette begins to leave when Henri emerges from his barrel. Lafayette runs back to lift him out and they hug, with Henri chirping "Thank you for chasing me!"
    • Also in "Going Home", near the very end of the episode, Sarah's mother, Lady Phillips, comes to America from England to be with her daughter again and, hopefully, her husband.
  • Baron von Steuben spoonfeeding a sick soldier.
  • A Hessian soldier saving the lives of the African volunteers, including Moses' brother Cato during the siege at Yorktown. When the British finally surrender, the Hessian officer tells the men to escape while they have a chance, treating them with the dignity afforded to every other soldier in the Royal Army.
    • Cato finally reuniting with Moses after several years on the run. They later approach a loyalist friend of Sarah's in the newly-liberated New York City to take Cato north to Canada with her so they can both help each other to start over with their lives.
    Moses: It was easier to say goodbye this time. Because this time, I know my brother is headed for freedom.