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Relating to the Broadway Musical

Oh Jesus Christ (of Latter Day Saints), where do we start?
  • "You and Me (But Mostly Me)"
    • It's typically staged that at one point, as Elder Price has the spotlight, a bunch of dark walls/curtains cover Elder Cunningham as he tries to peek out of the darkness.
      • Even better, according to the official book, that wasn't planned until Josh Gad got caught behind the closing wall during rehearsal unintentionally and they just had to keep it.
  • When Elders Price and Cunningham are waiting for their plane, an African sunset backdrop suddenly falls while a woman dressed in a Lion-King style costume leaps out and sings an Expy of the opening vocals to The Circle of Life. The curtain then drops to reveal it was just a surprise to send the boys off to Africa.
  • "Hasa Diga Eebowai"—both the reveal that it means "Fuck you God!" and the Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion when Hatimbi introduces Nabalungi.
    • From "Hasa Diga Eebowai":
    Elder Price: You have to stop saying that!
    Elder Cunningham: Hasa diga—
    Elder Price: No! It means something bad!
    Elder Cunningham: What?
    Elder Price: They are saying "F you!" to the Heavenly Father.
    Elder Cunningham: "F you, Heavenly Father?!?!" Holy Moley! I said it like 13 times!
    • Before the reveal, Elder Price asks Hatimbi what Hasa Diga Eebowai means:
    Elder Cunningham: Does it mean "there will be no worries for the rest of your days"?
    Hatimbi: ... Kind of.
    • And then there's the climax of the song, where they start singing "Fuck you God in the ass, mouth and cunt-ah!" repeatedly, and then suddenly turn it into a African rhythmic chant with the women singing more rounds of Hasa Diga Eebowai on top of it.
  • From "All American Prophet", in the middle of the song...
    Elder Price: Even though people wanted to see the golden plates, Joseph never showed em...
    Doctor: (in a deep, operatic voice) I haveeeee maggots in my scrotummmm! [beat]
    Elder Price: Uh, okay. Well anyways...
  • All of Elder McKinley's lines in "Turn it Off", but in particular:
    Elder McKinley: Imagine that your brain is made of tiny boxes, then find the box that's gay and CRUSH IT! Okay?
    • Another stand-out of 'Turn It Off'? In the stage performance, the part where they start clapping literally makes the lights go out, plunging the stage into total darkness for a couple of seconds. The second time this happens, when the light comes back up, they're all now wearing sparkly, hot pink vests on-top of their normal clothes. Elder Price looks totally confused for a second, before deciding to go along with it.
  • After General BFN shoots one of the villagers and Elders Price and Cunningham run into the Mission hut (with Price covered in blood), Elder McKinley tells them that the mission president is asking for a progress report (which is a problem, as there is no progress to report). Elder Price gets the idea to talk to the president and ask for a transfer, grabbing Elder McKinley's face in his excitement. McKinley's reaction must be seen.
  • "Man Up", hilarious as it is just on the recording, is 10000x funnier on stage when Elder Cunningham, in his quest to man up, stabs a monster in the face and defeats Darth Vader while declaring he is not his father.
    • From the same song: "Heavenly Father, why do you let bad things happen? More to the point, why do you let bad things happen to me?"
      • It is important to note that Elder Price sings this while trying to wipe blood off of his previously pristine white shirt.
  • I have maggots in my SCROOOOOOTUUUUUUUUM!!!!
  • Elder Cunningham's version of the Book of Mormon (with all the fantasy and sci-fi references). Especially at the end, when it's used to threaten General Butt Fucking Naked.
    • The chorus to "Making Things Up Again" becomes ever increasingly funnier when Elder Cunningham's conscience takes the form of his father, Joseph Smith and Moroni. Lieutenant Uhura, Sam and Frodo, and Yoda ("Up again making things, you are").
    • From the same song:
      Gotswana: This is all very interesting, but women have to be circumcised if that's what the General wants!
      Elder Cunningham: No, doing that to a lady is definitely against Christ's will!
      Gotswana: How do you know? Christ never said nothin' about no clitoris!
      Elder Cunningham: ... YES! YES HE DIIID!
    • The first time he opens the Book of Mormon to read a random passage to the Ugandans. Which one does he land on? The one that says God cursed people into being black.
  • Elder Cunningham's constant mispronunciation of Nabulungi's name - he calls her, among other things, "Necrophilia" and "Nutella".
    • And, notably in the West End production, Nigella Lawson and Nigel Farage.
    • In the Chicago production he calls her Nic Rouleau, the actor playing Elder Price at the time
    • In the production at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans he calls her Nicki Minaj
    • The gag has even substituted in "Neosporin" and "Nala".
    • After John Travolta screwed up Idina Menzel's name at the 2014 Oscars, his mangled version, "Adele Dazeem", was added into the joke.
    • A list can be found here.
  • "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream"
    Elder Price: Wow! I'm in Orlando! It's weird, cause I don't even remember how I got here...
    • When the elders then discuss the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream:
    Elder McKinley: We've all had the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream. Heck, I have it every night!
    • Leading to the positively wonderful and horrifying Fridge Brilliance that Elder McKinley probably gives blowjobs to demons on a nightly basis.
    • Elder McKinley, again, after waking Elder Price from the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream:
    Elder McKinley: You had the Mormon Hell Dream? Was I in it?!
  • "I Believe" is a funny enough song as is. The fact that Elder Price is practically prancing up to a maniacal warlord and grabbing his hand, however, makes it priceless - the only reason that the General's men aren't shooting him is because they're too confused by what's going on.
    General: ... The fuck is this?
    • "I believe... that in 1978 God changed his mind about black people!" (followed by the choir echoing "black people!").
  • Elder Price, after having the Book of Mormon shoved up his ass, gets completely wasted... on coffee.
    • Which becomes a bit of Fridge Brilliance, when you realize that Elder Price is purposely trying to avoid sleeping at all costs, hence the coffee.
    Elder Price: Well, if it isn't Elder Cunningham! The super-mormon!
    • This is followed up by his monologue on why he became such a devout Mormon. He hoped that when he died, he'd get his own PLANET ORLANDO!
  • "I am Africa" is hilarious, but one line particularly stands out.
    Let us smile and laughrica!
    Doctor: Something incredible... you've done something incredible! I've never seen a rectal blockage of this kind!
  • From "Baptize Me": I'M WET WITH SALVAAATIOOON!!!
  • It's hard to describe "Joseph Smith American Moses", but... "Joseph Smith, magical AIDS frog! Brigham Young, frog on his clit face!"
    • "Compassion! Courtesy! Let's be really fucking polite to everyone!"
    • Also, the summation at the end of the song: "Joseph Smith, AIDS frog; Brigham Young, clit face; Shit come out the butt; Jesus says 'fuck, fuck,' Mormoooooons!"
    • The entire song is a Crowning Moment of Funny , but "Hi, my name is Joseph Smith. And I'm going to fuck this baby." and "Brigham Young! His nose was a clitoris! What will you do, Joseph? Will you fight the clitoris man?"
    • Desperation! Mortality! Loss of faith! I... got the golden plates!
    • The Fridge Brilliance is that the tribe were never told it's not okay to say "fuck". That's why the song is so cuss-filled - they think there's nothing wrong with saying the word.
  • The ending with the Ugandan Elders. "Hello, my name is Elder Matumbo..."
    "Hello, my name is Elder Butt Fucking Naked."
    • "And if you put that gun down I will—oh, okay, I'll leave!"