Funny / Tales of Symphonia

  • One of the early-game skits - before you even leave Iselia proper - has Lloyd and Genis talking about the oracle; Lloyd, idealist he is, expected something amazing to happen.
    Genis: Like what, for example?
    Lloyd: An angel as big as a mountain comes flying down from heaven carrying the Tower of Salvation. Then he sticks it into the ground!
    Genis: Um, yeah. Okay, Lloyd.
  • More of a programming oversight than anything else, but when the camera zooms in on Anna's grave (ex. if you talk with Kratos before the Journey starts), you can see that the gravestone actually says "Vincent van Gogh" instead. (The texture was copied from van Gogh's actual grave.)
  • At the Coliseum, when Raine is bribing the receptionist:
    Presea: So this is how money is used...
    Genis: *black squiggly*
  • For all Genis and Zelos hate each other, their leitmotifs are probably the most similar out of all the characters.
  • One of the funniest moments in the game involves Raine's cooking skills. In a small skit, "Chef Raine", the stone-faced, humorless stoic Kratos samples some of Raine's cooking to be polite. He even makes a gallant attempt at finding something nice to say about it ("Well, it has an interesting texture") before the aftertaste sets in and Kratos's first reaction is to use one of his healing spells on himself. It's funnier because it's Kratos.
    • Which can also be Fridge Brilliance: It's foreshadowing that Kratos is an Angel. After all the process of becoming one means losing one's sense of taste, after all
    • In the OVA, Raine's cooking is literally used as a weapon to kill Kratos...
  • The similarly-titled "Chef Regal" skit has Lloyd inquire whether Regal, a prisoner with his hands bound, can cook - Regal insists he taste it before he make a decision, and Lloyd finds it delicious.
    Lloyd: But knowing you, you probably cooked it with your feet.
    Regal: Of course.
    (Reaction Shot of Lloyd)
    Regal: That was a joke.
  • When Lloyd stumbles upon Yuan trying to find an escape from the base he was imprisoned in, they have this priceless exchange:
    Yuan: ...and just who the hell are you?
    Lloyd: Give me your name, and I shall give you mine!
    Yuan: Hahaha! You certainly have guts! But I'm afraid I don't see the need to introduce myself to a miserable little creature like you.
    Lloyd: [without missing a beat] What a coincidence. 'Cause I don't see a need to introduce myself either to a moron who doesn't realize how pathetic he is.
    Yuan: Why you little—
  • The skit "Mystery of the Impostors" in Palmacosta is likely to be your first five-person skit - Lloyd, Colette, Kratos, Genis, and Raine. But Kratos doesn't have any dialogue; he's only there so that, when Genis insists that the member who "looks like a big ape" is Kratos' ripoff, Kratos can react to it.
  • The coffee scene. Even when Lloyd is proving to Colette that she cannot feel anything, it's amusing to hear Lloyd tell her that it's hot, then that it's iced, and finally that it is actually hot.
  • How the king of Tethe'alla happens to look like Jesus is this to some people.
    • Others got more of a Burger King vibe from the guy.
  • How Raine reacts to ruins.
  • In one skit, Lloyd, Zelos and Sheena all attempt to handle Genis's weapon, a kendama. None of them can do it, and Genis calls them hopeless. In anger, Lloyd picks it up again and loses control of it, with the kendama flying smack into Raine's head. Ouch.
  • In one skit, Sheena talks about how the people from Mizuho have real names that mean something, and that they must be kept secret. Zelos pipes in and says "I know Sheena's true name!" Sheena questions to how he could do this, and Zelos says it means, "Violent demonic banshee".
  • Picking Raine to cook curry for the Gnomlette in the Earth Temple.
    Genis: Oh, I get it. You're going to see if a Gnomlette can really taste or—
    Raine: *hits Genis* And just what is that supposed to mean? I'd be happy to make it, Lloyd.
    • Some of the others have amusing scenes, too. Genis makes too much, to the point that there's plenty left even after everyone has seconds; Sheena puts pineapple in the curry, and denies that it's weird even after everyone turns on her; Presea focuses on spiciness and insists that it's not meant for human consumption... after Genis eats a plate; and Regal is somehow carrying a personal cooking knife in his prison garb.
  • "Professor Raine... what's a 'philanderer'? Is it something you eat?" "...I don't think you'd want to eat one."
  • On the fourth floor of the Altamira hotel, you can find a man sharing a room with 20 cats. Even funnier is the fact that he asks you if you're familiar with the concept of "limits". If you say yes, he'll have no idea what you mean by that.
    • Also, if you talk to the cat sitting on top of the makeup table, it'll say "woof".
  • If you have Kratos in the party when you're going to complete the Alfread sidequest in the game; he will see Lloyd get ripped off by the game, and then lament that it's his (Kratos's) own fault for not being there to raise Lloyd growing up; and apologizes for it.
  • When Lloyd's group first meet Presea, they see her dragging some sacred wood to the church. Lloyd and Genis both go over and offer to take it for her... and find it is too heavy for both of them to carry. Presea then just takes the wood back and continues dragging it seemingly effortlessly. Lloyd's only comment: "I've lost all confidence as a man."
    • It's followed up later when Colette agrees to help Zelos carry Regal... and then proceeds to lift the guy with one hand. To quote Raine: "Men are so useless these days."
  • Genis's initial reaction to Zelos, who insults Lloyd and Genis and hits on the girls, is hilarious.
    Genis: What an ass!
  • Pretty much any time Lloyd says "Eewww". (Which he does fairly often.) Also, early in the game: "They've ruined my handsome face!"
  • One of Zelos's lines in battle is "Not the face!"
  • After the first fight with Sheena, a skit can bee triggered wherein Lloyd compares Sheena's gi to his dwarf-made clothes, claiming they're kind of similar. Kratos' reaction just screams "This is how my son grew up?"
    Kratos: Is this what happens when one is raised by a dwarf?
  • Symphonia was the game that started the series' trend of having hilarious after-battle speeches. Here some examples.
    Lloyd: Victory...
    Colette: ...belongs to...
    Sheena: ...the most...
    Zelos: Sexy! Dead sexy!
    • This one is almost as funny: You get it if Lloyd is poisoned after a battle, but Colette is not:
    Lloyd: {weakly} Colette... need cure for... poison...
    Colette: {cheerfully} I'm fine! I'm not poisoned!
    Lloyd: {weakly} No... I mean... me...
    • You can get that one even if Colette is poisoned too; she earns the title 'Oblivious' if you do so (not because of the speech, but rather you get the title whenever Colette spends a whole battle poisoned).
    Lloyd: Look at Mr. President, struttin' his stuff!
    Regal: *awkward cough*
    Lloyd: Hehe! You're turning re-ed!
    • Lloyd making fun of how corny the Dwarven Vows can be:
    Genis: Dwarven Vow Nº 7:
    Colette: "Justice and love will always win!"
    Lloyd: Uuuuugh, I HATE that saying...
    • Kratos gets in on the fun, running afoul of one of Genis and Colette's more saccharine celebrations. Like father, like son, after all.
    Colette: Our weapons are love!
    Genis: Justice! And...
    Kratos: Ugh... hope.
    • Or there's Regal and Presea raining on Lloyd's parade.
    Lloyd: (excited) Did you see my powerful attack?
    Presea: (emotionless) Yes.
    Regal: (uninterested) Uh-huh.
    Lloyd: (defeated) Man...
    • Zelos' perversion extends beyond the skits...
    Sheena: Did you see my attack?
    Zelos: Oh yeah, baby, I was watching alright.
    Sheena: For some reason, I don't think that's what you were focusing on.
    • This one can happen before you even leave Iselia:
    Colette: Lloyd, you looked so cool!
    Genis: I'm starting to wonder about your taste, Colette.
    Lloyd: What's that supposed to mean?
    Regal: We must...
    Presea: ...protect this world...
    Sheena: ...with our own hands!
    Zelos: And speaking of hands, I think I'll put mine...
    Sheena: ...Idiot!
    • From the second game:
    Regal: Nice skills.
    Emil: Nice moves.
    Marta: Hey, what about me!?
    Regal: Nice weapon.
    Marta: That doesn't have anything to do with me!
    • This after battle quote is especially funny:
    Marta: There is no enemy before love!
    Emil: So you lose if there's no love?
    Marta: Yes, so tell me that you love me!
    Emil: ...we can lose next time.
    Marta: Emil!
    • And this:
    Zelos: Don't fall for me, honey!
    Sheena: (uninterested) Never.
    Marta: As if!
    Emil: If you want, I'll introduce you to some of the female monsters.
    Zelos: (defeated) God, this is just depressing...
    • Lloyd once again raining on Zelos's parade just like in the last game:
    Zelos: No one stands a chance against the great Zelos!
    Lloyd: You mean, no one can stand YOU, right?
    Zelos: Bu- That's what I was waiting for, bud!
    Genis: He's just starving for attention...
  • Three words: "Um... uh... die!"
  • Most of the Z-Button skits are pretty hilarious as well. Most noteworthy are Darkness Beam (wherein Lloyd burns Zelos but good), Dirk's Method of Memorization (wherein Colette and Lloyd arrive at hilarious conclusions), and particularly For Lazy People (wherein Lloyd breaks the fourth wall).
    • The skits in the second game are just as funny:
    Tenabrae: You have now befriended twenty-five monsters.
    Emil: It's sorta sad.
    Marta: What's wrong? Aren't you happy? Twenty-five monsters isn't bad!
    Emil: Yeah, but this means I have more monster friends than Human ones.
    Tenabrae: That is rather...
    Marta: Yeah okay, that's sad.
  • At one point, the game tells you, "Kratos obtained the title of Traitor."
  • This skit from Dawn of the New World is one of the funniest (except, for some, for Marta being the Clingy Jealous Girl she is for the whole game).
  • Not to mention the whole "nazdrovie" vs. "light-frog" naming debate...which Tenebrae is constantly on the wrong side of.
    • Hell, half to three quarters of Tenebrae's dialogue is quite hilarious, especially in the Z-skits.
  • Regal in general in the sequel.
    • When he gets out of prison (again), he, being the strong man he is, snaps the handcuffs apart. He then turns said action into an ad for the company he is president of, explaining that if they had bought Lezareno Company handcuffs, he wouldn't have been able to do that.
    • When Regal reveals that he's getting used to wearing handcuffs:
    Sheena: It's the fact that you're used to it that worries me.
    • When he discovers what one of his products, Eau Du Seduction, smells like (a villain is wearing it):
    I'll send an order to the factory to halt production immediately.
  • Remember Presea's and Regal's easily-missed "Paw Pad" skits and titles in the original? (Meeting Tenebrae is only the beginning.)
  • The Spot the Imposter moment in the sequel, when Emil finally discovers the truth about what's going on with the supposed "Lloyd is being a crazy psycho and destroying towns" thing. In a pretty epic scene with two Lloyds duelling each other, one of them is spouting all these cliched lines about justice and making the right choice, while the other one is comparatively much calmer and level-headed. The imposter is, of course, the former. But even if you never played the original, you'd be able to tell which one is the imposter for the simple fact that he's bouncing on the balls of his feet wearing a real-life ":D" expression.
  • Decus's introduction. Praying to the goddess for Alice to fall in love with him, then accusing Emil of having a crush on him, and finally forcing Eau de Seduction on Emil. Emil then asks "What was that guy?" No, not who; what.
  • The "curse" that would befall anyone who opened the iron maiden before it granted its wish was both this and Crowning Moment of Awesome. And of course, who would question something like that coming from the Emotionless Girl? Oh, and of course, even if the Vanguard hadn't fallen for it, it was still rigged up so that it would appear empty if opened by someone who didn't know the trick. Presea pretty much made that up just for the hell of it. Repeat: the Emotionless Girl did something just for the lulz—and didn't break her stoic nature once, even after the guys she was pranking had left.
    • She does plenty for the lulz, even in the first game, even when she's still actually emotionless. Most of the time, this involves snarking at people in her robot voice. For example, after Zelos tries to use a metaphor:
    Presea: Incorrect usage detected. Correction necessary.
    Zelos: (shamed) Aw, Presea!
  • Back in the first game, if you were controlling someone other than Lloyd and had Lloyd in the party at the start of the boss fight with Magnius, you could get a very interesting bit of 'dialogue'. Your party members in battle will do things like shouting something when an enemy starts to cast a spell, to help you stay aware of the battlefield. Lloyd's quote for this is "Not a chance!". So when Magnius delivers his Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner and then immediately starts casting:
    Magnius: You really think you're gonna live through this?! *starts casting*
    Lloyd: Not a chance!
  • A sidequest in the first game has everyone in your party taking a quiz, basically so the genius Genis can show off his smarts. Lloyd gets 25 points, then begins acting proud. Colette remarks that it's the best grade he's ever gotten on a test. It then goes on to say that Colette got over two-hundred. Turns out the test was out of 400 points, not 100!
    • Also, the fact that Kratos is dragged into taking the test as well... and he gets a lower grade than Raine and Genis.
    • Even better, you can even have the Tethe'alla party members take the test with you if you wait long enough. Sheena actually does worse than Colette and Regal actually lampshades on why he has to take the test as well.
  • In the sequel, the first words out of Zelos' mouth when he meets Sheena are "Hey Mrs. Jubblees!"
  • In the first game, Lloyd would often start battles saying: "This is gonna be a piece of cake!" but you could interrupt him by using Demon Fang, so it'd become: "This is gonna be a piece of Demon Fang!" absolutely seamlessly.
  • The skit "Lloyd Praised" where Lloyd uses an advanced word like "avaricious" (in regards to the stingy old merchant on the mountain) and in the right context too, to which Raine reacts as if he just brought her to orgasm. Genis has a slight joke about it too.
  • In Symphonia Chronicles, there is the option to have one party member ride the teacups and roller coaster with Lloyd. If you choose Kratos at Flanoir, there is the option to ride with him, resulting in him being his usual stoic self while Lloyd says he needs to throw up after the teacups. Later he also gets one of his usual regretful moments and says this still doesn't make up for not being there for Lloyd as a child, though it's a start.
    • The post-teacups scene is funny no matter who you do it with. If you pick Colette:
      Lloyd: I'm gonna lose my lunch...
      Colette: I'll see your lunch and raise you breakfast...
  • Another Chronicles-exclusive scene: You have the option to make Raine and either Zelos or Kratos star in a play in Altamira. If you choose Kratos, this happens:
    Kratos: I did experiment as a thespian. Briefly.
    Lloyd: Wait, I don't get it! But you're not a woman...?
    • Gets even funnier when you realize Lloyd is assuming his father somehow had a lesbian experience.
  • Chronicles/The PS2 version introduces Zelos and Sheena's pet nicknames for each other: Sheenuts and Zeloser respectively.
  • In the second game, one of the Iselia villagers after the human ranch mentions that he heard that Raine spanked Paul after the party found him... and then ponders about going to school again.
  • When Regal ambushes Zelos at the end of the Meltokio sewers, this occurs:
    Regal: We're here on the Pope's orders.
    Zelos: ...Oh... hey, Lloyd! If you abandon me here, I swear, I'll come back to haunt you!
  • Getting the Gigolo title for having Zelos talk to every girl in the world. In short, Zelos is surprised that his butler (of all people) managed to keep track of all the women he talked to, shocked that he told the princess, and appalled that the princess gave him such a title.
    Zelos: What kind of a title is that?!
  • The first fight with Sheena in the Ossa Trail occurs before the party knows her name. Since Sheena uses a Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner, the target names don't appear at the top of the screen, and since it's just her and her Guardian Wind, there's no reason to use the target-selection pause to make sure you target the right opponent - which makes it easy to miss the part where her target name is Clumsy Assassin.
  • "Failed at making a Sandwich."
    • Even better when it's Raine, whose only ingredient for sandwiches is bread.
  • Around the Temple of Earth, a skit can be triggered in which Presea gives Genis a carved wooden bear as a gift. From that point, every time the party stays at an innnote , a skit automatically triggers wherein he asks different party member what they would like, or what they would suggest. Between their ideas being not helpful and Genis hanging a lampshade on everything, you could make a talk show out of it.
    Zelos: A beautiful woman! So, wait, are you going to introduce me to a beautiful woman?
    Genis: Why should I do that for you?
    Sheena: I made her a voodoo doll. [...] The way you use it is... actually, it might be a bit shocking for you.
    Genis: I have a feeling I know...
    Raine: I'd like the Necronomicon, the ancient lost book! (begins ruin ranting)
    Genis: *Sigh* Should have known better than to ask you.
    Colette: Well, I think I'd have to say... world peace.
    Genis: Ah, wow. Talk about large-scale.
    Regal: When I sent roomfuls of roses and such to noblewomen, they were pleased.
    Genis: I can't do something like that!
    Lloyd: I'd want a year's worth of Sichuan tofu curry! And maybe a wooden sword set.
    Genis: *Sigh*' Should have known better than to ask you.
    • After all of these have been witnessed, a skit can be triggered in which Genis finally grants Presea her present. Expected dialogue ensues, and Presea is happy.
      Zelos: What did you give her?
      Zelos: You're an idiot.
  • Speak to the man outside the item shop Halo in Iselia between Colette leaving and the Desians arriving, and he'll admit that he gave the Chosen's group a year's supply in gels. However, upon rejoining Colette, Kratos, and Raine, no additional gels are added to your inventory. This means that Colette, Kratos, and Raine somehow managed to burn through a year's supply of gels between Iselia and Triet, which Lloyd and Genis are more or less expected to do with about twenty Apple Gels, three Orange Gels, and a loaf of bread for sandwiches.
  • The disadvantage to the titles that grant you costumes is the fact that they do not provide stat boosts on level up; walking around, in swim trunks and bikinis, in Tethe'allan formal wear, or as characters from other Tales games (Chronicles only) is all good fun, but tactically disadvantageous. However, the only titles that Kratos receives are his four level-up titles, a cooking title, "Tetra Slash", "Traitor", "Judgement", and his alternate costumes. If you're playing a New Game+ (or have Tales data on your PS3) and don't know that Kratos can obtain "Tetra Slash", you'll probably give him his "Transforming Agent" title for the hell of it - which means he will spend most of the game in a suit and tie.
    • On the subject of the costumes, the "Titles" option in the GRADE shop also carries over which title you currently have equipped; this could result in a very appropriate introduction, like Zelos being introduced in a suit while he's surrounded by girls, or a very inappropriate introduction, like Sheena trying to kill Colette in a dress.
    • In addition, giving Colette any costume title after a New Game Plus will result in her hovering during battle before she gets her wings. She's got some magic clothes, apparently.
  • If you start the Devil's Arms sidequest before making pacts with all the summon spirits, there's an amusing little scene at the end of Disc 1: while Tethe'alla is going through one hell of an earthquake, you can see Abyssion just standing there without moving, panicking, or !-ing.
  • If Regal is among the characters that join Lloyd on the beach, speaking to him has him comment on the fine job the employees are doing at keeping the beach clean before saying he's going back to the hotel to rest. Lloyd tells him to not be such a bore and offers to bury him in the sand. Cut to Regal up to his neck in sand, he briefly says nothing and then, all of a sudden, his reaction is a heart in a dialogue bubble.
  • Upon the party's first attempt at entering the Temple of Darkness, it's too dark for anyone to see anything. Even for the player, things are just visible enough for you to make out Lloyd stepping forward, tripping on something, and landing on Zelos' foot... with his face... whereupon Zelos starts complaining about his foot.
  • At the beginning when Lloyd and Genis go to Triet, they find a horribly drawn picture of Lloyd on a wanted poster. His response?
    Lloyd: Am I really this ugly?
  • Kratos admitting he'd rather eat grass than tomatoes.
  • Colette falls into the water stream in front of Dirk's house. She's completely soaked so Lloyd literally strips down and gives her his clothes to wear. Dirk is completely nonchalant about how his teenage son just stripped naked to give a girl his clothes, and instead reminds Lloyd he has 7 of the same exact outfit. What's even better is Lloyd is shown running out of the house wearing a towel.
  • In his first training session with Kratos, Lloyd admits he wields two swords because two swords equal 200% power. Kratos acts as you expect him to, leading Lloyd to ask "Why is there such pity in your eyes?"
  • Before getting the "Legend of Musashi" costumes for Kratos and Lloyd, Lloyd gives away major spoilers in the span of 4 seconds like Kratos being an angel, being his father (which Kratos actually blushes!, and knifing them in the back. Tiga is all cool about it, too.