Funny / Sonic X
Charmy never got to introduce himself...

  • In episode 11 of the Japanese version, Rouge's response to Topaz getting out the handcuffs is "So you're into S&M, huh?"
  • The ending of episode 8, considering that Sonic was frozen like an ice cube for a little while during the episode. When the battle was won, the servants at the Thorndyke residence were treating Sonic, though Amy Rose decided to celebrate the victory with ice cream for the coolest guy around.
  • In one episode, Sonic and Sam Speed race to settle who's the fastest. At first it looks like a photo finish. However, upon looking at the camera footage, it's revealed that Sonic actually finished, jumped over the white tape, posed for the camera, ran back and did the whole race over again.
  • Just about anything involving the Chaotix.
    Vector: (at a laughing Charmy) Hey, what're you laughin' at?
    (Charmy looks at him for a few seconds, then starts blubbering)
    Vector: Hey, don't cry!
    Charmy: (stops crying instantly and smiles) Okay.
    • In their first appearance, Charmy's attempts and ultimate failure to introduce himself before the commercial break.
    • In the Japanese version, there's this line, also in their first appearance:
      Espio: Change the scene and suddenly you know where Sonic is. Is it just because the program is nearly over?
    • The kidnapping argument in episode 59:
      Charmy: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of Delusional Thinking with Vector!
      Espio: *thinking* This is hopeless! I can't argue with someone who refuses to make sense!
      Vector: I'm tossing Cream into this bag and then we're gone!
      Charmy: Just look at him go, ladies and gentlement! He's out of control! There's no stopping him!
    • Episode 71 shows Team Chaotix working at their own cafe/detective office. Vector is seen playing a lovely tune on the piano (in the Japanese version) until...
      Vector: (faces the camera as the music abruptly stops) I guess you're very surprised to see me playing the piano.
  • Episode 45. Tails versus Rouge in a referee moderated tournament. Rouge wins. By kissing Tails' cheek.
  • And one that 4kids created: "Kids, never use Formula One Race Cars to chase hedgehogs". In the first episode. Spoken while standing atop the speeding Formula One race car, no less.
    • The original Japanese line is "Good kids don't stand on moving cars". The absurdity of the advice makes it plain that it's meant to be a parody of Sonic Sez.
  • Knuckles and Cosmo's brief exchange while the crew are trying to free the Blue Typhoon from a huge maze of what is apparently plantlife - by cutting:
    Cosmo: My sister Galaxina and I often did gardening together. It's great therapy.
    Knuckles: Sure, hacking through deadwood really does it for me, too.
  • When Knuckles and Hawk are in prison together, Knuckles discovers a hidden microphone. He and Hawk (his inmate) share this exchange:
    Hawk: They could change the menu once in a while. I mean, baked beans day in and day out? You'd think they'd never heard of steak, or fried chicken, or even a cheeseburger with fries! (Knuckles takes a deep breath) Now wouldn't that be something?
    Knuckles (into the microphone): IT SURE WOULD!!
    Li Yan, the guy who was listening to their conversation, panics due to the loud volume of Knuckles's shout.
  • The Tournament Arc has some funny moments, but the tops would be when Decoe and Bocoe enter...and find themselves fighting each other. The match is called off when the police show up and chase them out of the ring.
  • "This message has been brought to you by the Eggman Empire, which is not responsible for any of its content. Except this part."
  • The entirety of Cruise Blues, some examples:
    • Sonic's plan to get off the yacht and the ways it backfires.
    • Eggman's various names for his 3 aircraft to please Decoe and Bocoe, especially the one below:
    Eggman: Rock, Paper, Scissors?
    Bocoe: You can't be serious.
    • The senior citizens petting Sonic like a dog.
    • All of Sonic's panic attacks in the episode, ALL OF THEM.
  • One that was sadly removed from the dub had Eggman's Japanese voice actor performing an epic Throw It In! and improvising a little rant about how nobody ever dies in shows like this after his minions ask if Sonic will survive his trap. It was so unexpected that all the other voice actors got confused and stumbled through their next lines.
  • "How To Catch A Hedgehog" is pretty hilarious. A microchip from one of Eggman's robots gets caught in Sonic's ear causing him to run about uncontrollably, unable to stop or slow down. What follows is a Looney Tunes-esque episode in which the gang tries to catch Sonic to find out what's wrong with him. All of their ridiculous traps fail and Sonic continues to just run in circles. The whole time Eggman and his minions are watching and Eggman's robots are trying to get him to start exercising. It's amazing.
    Eggman: That looks like fun! I think I'm going to start exercising!
    Bocoe and Decoe: That's great Doctor.
    Eggman: Tomorrow. (Starts eating a huge loaf of bread.)
    Bocoe and Decoe: Tomorrow never comes!
    • Also in this episode, Knuckles getting run over by a giant hamster wheel, and then being tended by Ella afterwards.
  • The ridiculous Chaotix Crew plan of getting Tails to save Cosmo; by knocking Knuckles unconscious, drawing a beard on this face, and finally having Espio (while invisible) carry him around and threaten her.
    • "Even his own mamma wouldn't recognize him", cut to everyone knowing very well that it was Knuckles with makeup during the attempt to threaten Cosmo.
  • Knuckles tries to pick up a chaos emerald. Some cards fall to the ground, then Rouge swoops down and steals the emerald away! Then there's this exchange (in the English dub at least).
    Rouge: Thanks for doing the dirty work. I own ya one Knucky.
    Knuckles: You bring that back here!
    • Then again, nearly all the Knuckles and Rouge scenes are hilarious.
  • When Cosmo breaks the pendant that keeps her from going to the 'final stage', she immediately matures into an adult. The flowers on her head burst into bloom... and her butt and breasts get bigger. Getting Crap Past the Radar indeed. Although that's probably the only time you're going to laugh during the whole scene, considering what follows next...
  • The Sonic X comic basically runs on humor. One particularly memorable issue has Eggman eat one of Bokkun's sugary-treats, which causes him to go hyper and launch into a costume-fueled crime spree, complete with rubber swords. Sonic's strategy for dealing with him? Play a game with Eggman where he has to switch into the disguise of Sonic's choice, which involves Eggman running up and down the stairs of his lair (the costume room is on the top floor), until the Doc's hyperactivity wears off. In the process, we get to see Eggman don a plethora of ridiculous costumes, which include a viking, an astronaut, Elvis Presley, a fur-suit, and even a Chris Thorndyke get-up, which disturbs Docoe to no small degree.
    • There's also the St. Patrick's day issue, where Eggman crashes a St. Patrick's Day parade with a giant leprechaun mecha, looking for a leprechaun to lead him to its pot of gold. Unfortunately, the leprechaun they've tracked is actually Bokkun, who has been accidentally covered with green paint.
    • The "Freaky Friday" Flip where Sonic and Eggman switch bodies, and their terrible efforts at adapting to one another's roles.
    • One issue has the side-antagonist group create clones of Sonic to frame and attack the real one. Sonic's solution? Have Eggman take them out. The reaction when Eggman and his bots see a multi-coloured army of Sonics charging towards their lair...
  • This scene in the dub. The fact Sonic replies to Knuckles' complete shock and panicked yelling with a sarcastic tone despite the situation is what really makes this scene.