Funny / Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

This movie may as well be Crowning Moment of Funny: The Movie for the sheer density of humor. But for specific examples:
  • When Tails accidentally grabs Sara's breasts and gets called out by Knuckles for it.
    Knuckles: TAILS! GET OFF!
    Tails: [Quickly leaps off Sara] I'msosorry...
  • When Sara kisses Knuckles to motivate him, the formerly reluctant "mole" blushes and answers with a firm "Yes ma'am!"
  • Sara, the President, Sonic, and Tails sleeping through Eggman's lecture. Even Eggman's robots fall asleep.
    Eggman pops his sphere representing Planet Freedom, and gets BAN'D by the sphere popping.
  • Any interaction between Sara and Eggman, especially Sara's reaction to Eggman's plans to marry her.
  • When he appears, Metal Robotnik causes an explosion that sends Sonic and Tails flying backwards. Sonic lands on his feet while Tails lands on his head.
  • Sonic and Tails fighting Metal Robotnik by taunting it.
  • The following scene was hammed Up to Eleven in the dub:
    Sonic: You might know everything I'm going to do...but that's not going to help you, since I KNOW EVERYTHING YOU'RE GOING TO DO! STRANGE, ISN'T IT?!
  • When Metal Sonic accidentally looks up Sara's dress, and receives a kicking from her for it, while having a psychic link with Sonic that allows them both to see and feel what the other is experiencing:
    Eggman: Sonic, you're still alive!? [A blushing Sonic ignores him, and then starts writhing in evident pain] Huh? What's wrong with you, what are you doing? [Looks behind him]
    Sara: [Holding her dress down as she repeatedly kicks Metal in the head] GET BACK! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! [Metal continues staring up her skirt, its eyes glowing noticeably brighter] DON'T LOOK THERE, YOU PERVERT!
  • Eggman taunting Sonic after the former fell into the latter's trap.
  • The President's attempt to call Sonic, but instead finding Knuckles and the Owl.
  • Eggman launches two missiles at Tails. The Hare Missile blows up the plane, but the Tortoise Missile... well, it's just slow.
    Eggman: Oh no, another design failure?
  • Eggman's Tortoise Missile destroying his DNA data of Sonic.
  • Sara falling on top of Knuckles, and then Tails crashing into them when Eggman is just about to recapture Sara- leading to the infamous bit mentioned above where he accidentally gropes her breasts.
  • Sonic's 'favourite clothes'. By extension, just the fact that it looks like Metal Sonic is going to attack Old Man Owl when it confronts him at Sonic's house, but instead gives him the clothes as a present.