Funny / Sonic Underground

  • Episode 5 has this:
    Sleet: Why are we stopped for a puny tree!?!
    (Sonic appears.)
    Sleet (suddenly nonchalant): Ah. That's why.
  • Sonic goofing off by playing tennis with himself (AND serving as the referee) in "Last Resort".
  • From "The Price of Freedom":
    Agent N: (introducing himself) Robotnik Intelligence Agent N, and you are hereby arrested for crimes against the state, and because... Dr. Robotnik HATES HEDGEHOGS!"
  • From episode 1.
    Oracle: Come, Sonic! Your destiny awaits!
    Sonic: Tell it to wait outside, I'm too tired to care.
  • The hedgehogs using the Do-Bot to erase Robotnik's memory of the cassette tape.
  • In "Wedding Bell Blues," there's this exchange.
    Robotnik: Sleet, you idiot!
    Sleet: No, sire. I'm the conniving one! Dingo's the idiot!
  • "Beginnings" has this exchange as Robotnik tries to figure out what the Resistance's secret weapon is.
    Robot: Sensors indicate that the subject is blue, sir.
    Robotnik: Blue? Is that all!?
  • "Getting to Know You" has this.
    Dingo: (on Sonia) She's pretty.
    Sleet: And you're ugly. Now let's get to work.
  • Sonic and Manic disguised as belly dancers in "Who Do You Think You Are?".
  • Knuckles' memetic line from "Friend or Foe?"-
    Knuckles: (Yelling) I HATE THIEVES!