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Awesome: Sonic Underground
  • The hedgehogs wrecking Robotnik's Floating Fortress.
  • Sleet and Dingo steal a Chaos Emerald from Robotnik and plan to control Mobius with it.
  • The three-part story arcs were quite good; one featured Knuckles in a lead role.
  • Any time Aleena goes into Mama Bear mode.
  • In a call back to a Sonic SatAM plot, one episode has Robotnik challenge Sonic to a race. Sonia and Manic, figuring Sonic couldn't resist, show up to try and rescue him... except he knew it was a trap and didn't show, and they have to be rescued.
  • Bartleby Mink setting aside his aristocratic lifestyle to defy Robotnik near the end of the series.
  • Robotnik has an awesomely evil line in "Tangled Webs":
    Dr. Robotnik: When we find it, "Sanctuary" will become... "Cemetery!"
  • Dingo nearly destroys Mobius when powered by a Chaos Emerald. This, might I add, was about ten years before Sonic Adventure.
  • The hedgehogs redeeming their evil counterparts in the mirror universe episode.

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