Headscratchers / Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

  • While Sera and Robotnik are flying on a tiny airship, Robotnik casually gives a new dress to Sera as a token of friendship. Only after Sera tries it on, she realizes that Robotnik gave her a wedding dress: The only way as Sera could have changed her clothes for the wedding dress was by stripping herself naked and changing clothes in front of Robotnik...
    • Considering his ultimate plan with Sera, Robotnik probably gave her the dress at that very moment to get a "preview" of what's in store for him.
    • Or she could have put it over her regular clothes.
      • But that explanation isn't quite as deliciously Mind Screwy.
  • I own the 1999 VHS cut of the movie. But it's completely uncensored, yet official. Huh?
  • If Sonic and Metal Sonic are mentally linked, shouldn't Sonic be screaming in unfathomable pain as Metal Sonic falls into the lava at the end?
    • Metal presumably isn't programmed to feel pain.
      • And even if he wasn't, lava is so hot that direct contact would sear your nerve endings shut, and all you'd feel is sort of cold, assuming you hadn't already gone into shock by this point.
  • Why would Metal put Sonic's favorite clothes on Old Man Hoot?
    • He's confused. In a way, he thinks he is Sonic. It was explained in the movie that Metal had Sonic's likes, dislikes, personality and thoughts. However, he's ultimately a robot copy who also was just built as a fighting machine and presumably wasn't programmed with much data about social interaction, or much of anything unrelated to his mission. That was basically just a "good deed" Metal thinks is now part of his character. Additionally, he seems to have only the basic pieces of Sonic's memories at first, essentially simplifying his thought process to "Home->an ally/friend->It'd be nice to give this person a gift.
  • How poorly does Sonic sell in Japan not to be able to get this series off the ground? There are other more obscure series who've gotten stuff. Why could X get made just a few years later but not this?
    • Sonic X didn't do very well in japan to begin with. The reason the 13th episode ended like it did was because they didn't expect the series to go beyond that. The series was cancelled after the second season, with the third season, which was already completed, left unaired in japan, but not in the US.
  • Why does Knuckles claim to be Sonic's best friend in the dub? In the original he used some Japanese term that means "like a friend but not really."