Tear Jerker / Sonic X


  • The ending of (what was intended to be) the final season when Sonic takes Chris's arms and tells him to hold on tight while he takes him for one final run before returning home. Sonic crying and the tears blowing into Chris's face just clenches it.
    • And just to make the scene tear jerking overkill, this whole scene is accompanied by the depressing music Sonic Adventure 2 players would remember from the ending credits.
  • There's also the time that Scarlet Garcia and Franklyn speak with the old man in the retirement home who sobs as he recalls to them his memories of the ARK and his murdering twelve year old Maria Robotnik, after Scarlet all but begs him to explain so that she can finally understand what happened to her father, who also investigated the Space Colony incident years earlier, and was presumably killed to keep the secret quiet. Particularly touching are the next words spoken.
    Old Man: I joined the army because I wanted to give back to the country I loved, but...
    Scarlet: (takes his hand) I understand now. Thank you.
  • Another Sonic X Tear Jerker is when the revolutionary Molly flies her ship into the Metarex fleet, effectively committing suicide, albeit heroically as she went down fighting for the planet she loved. She pauses to look at Shadow as she passes, smiling and with tears in her eyes. The look on her face, and on Shadow's as he realizes what she's about to do, are heart wrenching.
    • Unfortunately in the dub, the Never Say "Die" trope rears its ugly head, ruining it.
    • After Molly's death, Shadow was on the ground, sobbing while having flashbacks of her. It also heavily implied in the finale, Shadow even made a tombstone for her, which is doubled as Moment of Heartwarming. Well, in the japanese dub at least.
  • There's also Cosmo's death scene and Tails utterly chilling heartbreak as he has to fire the gun that kills her.
    • The reactions of the supporting cast runs the spectrum: on one hand we have Chris, who's visibly fighting back tears, and on the other we have Cream, Cheese and Amy, who have given up any semblance of restraint and have completely broken down. But perhaps the most painful out of all of them comes from none other than Rouge the Bat: even though she's turned her back to the audience, she's audibly sobbing.
    • When Tails musters the courage to shoot the cannon, the credits song, The Shining Road (a soft ballad) plays as you see Tails scream and cry in horror as he watches Cosmo die.[1]
    Our world is under a spell
    Even the excitement of our love is sealed in our tears
    Boy, let's go together to find that charm,
    To the land of where forbidden dreams may come true.
    • Also, Sonic's later inability to do anything but stand there after returning the only thing he could find of her, a single seed, and Tails literally collapses at his feet, bawling his eyes out. Lord only knows why Sonic didn't do anything: maybe he wanted to put on a strong front for his friend, or maybe he was afraid he would lose control if he allowed himself to cry. Either way, it had a bunch of people screaming at their televisions: Hug him, Sonic. It's not that damn hard, just hug him.
    • Also, just before Super Shadow and Super Sonic use Chaos Regeneration, Sonic whispers Cosmo's name in a tear-jerkingly broken voice, and it sounds (at least in the Japanese dub) like he's sobbing.
    • Tails, curled up in front of the console with his tails wrapped around him like a blanket is incredibly adorable. The TearJerker comes when you realize that Tails is about 8 years old, and he has just lost one of the people closest to him. Anyone who has lost someone when they were a child can relate.
  • And just before that, there is the scene when Cosmo enters her "adult" form. While the scene itself manages to be rather beautiful and awesome, even if it has some... Distracting moments, it's the music playing during the scene in the Japanese version that makes the scene a Tear Jerker - starting out on a somewhat triumphant note during Cosmo's transformation, but then shifting to a more somber tone afterwards.
  • Tails' heartbreaking reaction to Cosmo's death, especially in the Japanese version. In the Japanese version, he SLAMS HIS HEAD ON THE CONTROL PANEL screaming loudly. The dub unfortunately tones down his reaction to make it less intense.
  • The finale of the second series - which marks the first time Sonic cried.
    • And what makes the last few episodes of Season 2 so depressing is that You'd think that Sonic and company would maybe be able to see all of their human friends again and eventually reunite with them, but this never happens for the rest of the series {Besides Chris returning in Season 3}. Meaning that when Sonic's friends have their tearful goodbyes with Chris's family and the other human characters, this is actually the last time they will ever see each other.
  • E-102 Gamma's 'rescue' in the Sonic Adventure arc. Made even more poignant than the already moving games version by a heartbroken Amy witnessing the whole thing and the touching imagery as Gamma's hand falls onto Beta's as he collapses, as if to hold each other's in unity).
    Amy: *tearful* You managed to free them. Thank you. We're friends from now on. Now you and your brother can live together again...
    • His brethren being teleported away by Eggman is far more chilling in this adaptation, part because of the less goofy animations, and also because they are genuinely just left for dead in this account. Here Decoe and Bocoe are given the order to deal with them, and they clearly don't like it one bit, Bocoe even closing his eyes and making a small sob as he presses the button.
  • The final episode of the Sonic Battle arc,Cream getting ready to finish Emerl off, after a Hope Spot where he looks like he's coming back to his good self, all the while she remembers all the good moments they spent together and when she does it, Emerl sees her crying and starts crying as he falls deeper into the sea, Cream's cry in the Japanese dub after Emerl explodes is just heart-wrenching, and since Gemerl does not appear in Sonic X, Emerl is defeated for real, making this even worse as she will never see him again.Even worse is that when Cheese is crying in the Japanese dub, it sounds like she's saying, "NO! NO NO NO!!!"
  • In episode 50 (just before Tails siphons power from it), there's a moment showing Space Colony ARK, darkened and deserted, which fades to a brief shot of Shadow and Maria taking one another's hand, before fading back to the ARK. The whole moment is completely silent, and strangely tear-jerking.
  • In episode 76 In a desperate attempt to stop Dark Oak, Knuckles calls on the power of the Master Emerald, shattering in into pieces in the process. Afterwards, there's a shot of the Master Emerald, in pieces, drained of energy. Knuckles, kneeling beside the shattered gem, slowly reaches out and picks up a tiny shard. He cradles it gently, closing his eyes in grief. The only sounds in the scene are the gentle music and the sound of Knuckles' breathing, slightly choked as if he's fighting tears. When you realize how much the Emerald means to him, his reaction is almost heartbreaking. Thinking about his character, and his reactions to other tragedies, his silence is almost eerie; he has no other way of reacting to this, the destruction of the most precious thing in his life.
    • It also makes his treatment in previous episodes seem rather saddening. The team were generally apathetic and dismissive of his devotion to the Master Emerald, and took it rather disrespectfully as a mere power source for the ship. When he made the decision to risk it against the Meterax, the others' reaction pretty much added up to a nonchalant "Sure why not?". No one ever quite understood the emotional weight of guarding it and why the damn rock was so important to him.
  • This adaptation of Sonic Adventure 2 in season 2 is even more tear-jerking than in the game. Shadow starts to explain his hate for the humans and his dedication to revenge for Maria in an unusually emotional way. After Chris reminds him his true promise to Maria, Shadow starts to tear up while remembering a flashback to Maria. In the end, he also sacrificed himself to save the world, showing he wasn't the bad guy everyone thought he was which left an impact on everyone.
  • In episode 72, after getting knocked back by Knuckles, the ledge Yellow Zelkova is standing on crumbles, and Zelkova starts falling into the lava below. Knuckles dives in after him, and asks Zelkova for his hand, Zelkova reaches out but realizes he is beyond saving and smiles to Knuckles as he starts sinking into the lava. Knuckles looks in shock as Zelkova completely sinks into the lava, and looks away in sorrow. Anyone else getting Metal Sonic flashbacks?
    • In the 4Kids dub changed this from what was a tear-jerking event to Zelkova cursing the heroes for his defeat and that Dark Oak will avenge him.