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Funny: Power Rangers GPX
Power Rangers GPX might be dark, mysterious, intense and awesome, but it definitely knows when to get a laugh, usually by mocking the very franchise it originated from, taking the Narm Charm and running with it. But here are some specific examples:

In Parts 1 & 2

In Supercharged:


  • In GPX SIU, Sean, Maria and Aaron are at a bar and try out a punching machine. Their scores? Over six hundred! And they weren't even trying!
  • In SIU episode 3, the Rangers go to a basketball game. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The best part? This:
      Go, Southern go
      That's all the words we know
  • This exchange:
    Mandla/Aaron: "Are you going to follow me to lunch? You seem awfully interested in me."
    Hitomi: "I'll follow you to lunch, but I'm not that interested in you."
    Mandla/Aaron: "Am I ugly!?"
    Hitomi: "No, I'm just not that into you."
    Mandla/Aaron: "That would hurt even more."
    Sean: (Walking past and patting him on the shoulder): "Too bad dude."
  • "Marty Meets Hitomi (And Her Stash)", a side story which has poor Marty discovering Hitomi's Yaoi Porn Stash. The poor bastard is so traumatized Maria chastises Hitomi... for not putting it in a safe place.
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